Three Meaningful Words

What comes to mind when we read something mentioning “those three words”?  Gee that must mean, I love you!  Those three words seem to be spoken for a zillion reasons and/occasions and sometimes just said as a matter of expression.  But it is always nice to hear, isn’t it?  What is painful for me are the words spoken by a loved one that just seem to sever your heart-strings and embed themselves in your memory bank.

Then one day this person decides they want a relationship and play the innocence role or have excuses.  I don’t believe they forgot what they said.  And the only way I might ever  consider a relationship again  would be to see the sincerity on their face and then hear those three powerful words, I am sorry!   This ironically goes in hand in hand with an earlier post I wrote about Running Out of Time.  It is so true!

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