Loving the Feeling

I love loading my CD player with 5 different disks of all types of music and press random and for 6 or more hours I am transformed into Italy (Bocelli), the Fifties Doo Wop (Jerry Lee Lewis; Cleftones; the Penguins) down Memory Lane with Barry Manilow- Mood Music- James Blunt;  Josh Groban.  The different beats and vibes trigger emotions that I thought might be gone forever.  As I am taken back in time, I see familiar faces and places and treasured memories attached to certain dates that I thought I had long forgotten.

It does me a world of good, just chilling out on a rainy Saturday afternoon listening, smiling and even shedding a tear or two.  Romance plays a big part in our lives and so many songs with their beautiful words can say exactly what we are feeling………Music is therapy, beauty and peace all wrapped in one.

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