It Takes Practice

I am learning quickly that practice and more practice leads to good results.  As my curled fingers are placed on those white keys on my keyboard I start to hum the song that should be emanating from the keys hit and quickly  I know,  when I have hit an incorrect key and misplaced my fingers.

It is amazing how things look easy,  until we try to master it.  That becomes the challenge and Ms Millie seems to thrive on challenges.  Personally,  I love having a goal,  an incentive to motivate me, and this time it  is learning to play the keyboard and apply my singing knowledge to it.  Somehow, it  seems to go hand and hand.  Lately my neighbor Caroline and her husband asked how my playing was coming along with a sheepish on their faces.  Do you hear me?  No, not really they replied.  Wait till I tell them,  I don’t plan on giving up any time soon and see if  they are still smiling.

Here’s to my singing and playing career!  Happy Weekend everyone!

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  1. Buy them earplug, they’re just jealous because the only keys they can play are on the remote. :>)

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