What’s in a Name?

Someone at my Pilate’s class overheard me telling a new person- “to just do their best and that each one of us is an individual.” From the corner of the room came a voice saying “Millie the Motivator”. Everyone seemed to chuckle as the class continued. I thought about this comment during the day and each time it not only brought a smile but an idea of attaching a meaning to each letter of my name to create an acronym. Ms Millie’s creation- This is how I feel after I do my workout routines.

M – Motivation

I  – is

L – living

L – life

I – in

E – euphoria

This sounds good to me. Let me know how it sounds to you. Does it inspire you?

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2 Replies to “What’s in a Name?”

  1. This is all I could come up with, I hope my wife doesn’t object…

    W – Wanting
    A – Another
    L – Long
    K – Kiss

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