The Flu Bug Got Me

Back in September I remembered to get my flu shot and since then, I have been plagued with muscle aches, fatigue and erratic mood swings in addition to a stuffy nose and headache. Finally,  I gave in over a week ago and visited my primary doctor.  As I rattled off of my ailments he wrote it all down and then proceeded to examine me and check my circulation in my lower legs that have felt asleep.  He finished his exam and gave me a script for blood work which I had done a few days ago.

It seems that I have elevation in an enzyme that is a result of the flu shot.  It did not work with my system the way it should and that I should avoid getting it in the future.  He also stated that I will gradually feel like myself once again, but not overnight.

I am not a happy camper by any means, “I don’t like being ill and I am a miserable patient.”

Hopefully, this passes quickly and I am smiling again real soon.

Till the next time. don’t you forget to smile.

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