Saddened by the News

Had a spectacular day working out and then shopping with my son Joe for new furniture for his apartment.  We had an early dinner at Sam’s Waterfront Dining and I enjoyed a shrimp dinner and a Coors lite and Joe had grilled chicken Caesar salad and iced tea.

Once I arrived back home, on went the television and there my goodness was the bulletin that Michael Jackson had died as well as Farrah Fawcett.  I gasped as the tears filled my eyes.  It didn’t seem possible that two icons in one day would lose their young lives.  I recall my three sons including myself enjoying Michael’s music and performances, and my youngest son even learned ‘ how to do the moonwalk and break dancing and he did it pretty well.”  It will be a sad few days with the ongoing news via television and the radio, but long after,  we will remember both for years to come.