Rain, Rain Go Away

We have been fretting about no rain,  water restrictions and brown lawns and now it has been raining off and on for the past few days.  I am ready to say truce, bring back our Florida sun and blue skies.  I am a sunshine type gal that needs the sunlight to function at my best.

Florida is noted for his lightning and t-storms and this morning  topped its’  record.  The lightening strikes early this morning brightened my whole bedroom and the booms of thunder “pushed me under my covers with pillow over my head.”   It was loud and scary- the pounding rain against the windows- I didn’t realize it could rain that hard and fast.  It was calming to think I don’t have  to drive this morning and I would just relax and pray for sunshine tomorrow.  The grass is starting to brighten to a light shade of green.

So for now I will be chanting, rain, rain go away, Ms Millie needs to go out and play! Will I ever grow up??

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