Miss those Ol’ Time Movie Days

As I sat in the theatre today watching one preview after another waiting for my movie “Atonement” to start, my memory flipped back to 20 plus or so years ago when we would see the “coming attractions”, a few cartoons (we could use a few laughs each day) and the “News of the day”.  It is still vivid in my mind seeing those scenes from the Concentration camps, the soldiers wounded.  It made me realize we are not showing our youth what is happening in our world, our country.   Let  them  have the “scoop” and let them ponder, perhaps say a prayer – even a sigh of gratitude for what they have.  Yes, movies are for our enjoyment and time out, but just a little glimpse of reality couldn’t hurt.  The movie Atonement is well worth the wait -bring some tissues as you will be sobbing.