Five Month Anniversary

It hardly seems like five months have passed and I am still not feeling that great.  I go through bouts of feeling great and then the allergies kick in and I am having a hard time breathing.  The emphysema has worsened and although I knew this was going to happen it is still frightening for me at times and frustrating, too.  I so wish there were a magic potion I could take to erase all of this.  Had I like thousands of others known how serious it would be for our lungs and our overall health, I don’t believe we wold have taken up the habit to begin with.

But I can’t change any of it and so I am dealing the best I can with being kind to new friends and writing for the newspaper featuring a resident a month telling a little about their incredible life.

To all of my friends near and far I wish all moms grand-moms and great-grand moms a wonderful well deserved Mother’s day.