The Two Magical Words

Have you ever felt not appreciated or just down in the dumps kind of feeling?  For me personally,  I have experienced this first hand – mostly  when we I do my chores for others and my family.  Yet it seems once they utter a “Thank you” it is like “Poof”,  I feel good – happy – proud, a feeling of accomplishment comes over me.  Those two little words impact more  punch than you ever imagined.   Just try it and see how your friends, loved ones and every day acquaintances react.  It is truly two magical words, “Thank You”.

Along with the above:

A friend forward this little verse to me and it goes like this:

                          There comes a point in your life when you realize

                                         who matters

                                      who never did

                                   who won’t anymore

                                  and who always will

                    So don’t worry about people from your past

            There’s a reason they didn’t make it to your future.

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  1. The good Cap’t Kangaroo taught many generations to say the magical words, “Please and thank you”. We need more Cap’t Kangaroo’s and fewer “superheros” for our kids to grow up on. Thank you, Ms Millie, for your blog. Please continue warming our hearts with your words.

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