Weekend with Joey

I am counting the hours until Joey arrives sometime tomorrow afternoon and  the weather forecast is- warm and sunny days.  We just might make it to the beach or pool if only to dip his feet in the cool water.  I know after Joey being in freezing snowy days for the past few months, he will be anxious to feel the warm sun and wear light clothing.  Off with the coat, boots, hat and gloves.

I have stocked my cupboards with all of his favorites and purchased two new books and a souvenir t-shirt from Cozumel that I purchased on my cruise.  This is going to be a wonderful weekend with lots of love, hugs and kisses…….  The smile is on my face!!!!

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  1. We truly are blessed to be grandparents and to be able to love these wonderful children and be able to spoil them just a little!!!

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