Made My Goal

Today marked 10 full weeks of doing my abs class and cardio sculpting with weights.  When I return on the 21st of the month I will be able to start again and see if I can break this record.  My clothes are fitting nicely and my arms have some definition ( not as good as Michelle’s) but definitely an improvement.

The redness from my sunburn has turned to a nice looking tan and fortunately I did not blister or peel.  I don’t think I will be making that mistake again using the wrong lotion.  As a matter of fact, I have disposed of that tanning lotion.

Looking forward to Saturday when I board the plane for New York and three  hours later,  I will be greeted by my son Terry.   We will be celebrating his birthday on the 17th and I was thinking maybe I could bake him a cake like I did years ago when he was just a boy.  If memory serves me right, it would be chocolate devils food with chocolate frosting…..Hmmmmmmm that sound scrumptious and sweet and now I am definitely liking this idea.  Sound like a good plan.  Night for now.

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2 Replies to “Made My Goal”

  1. Tell Terry Happy Birthday for me. I really like his name. Enjoy your time together and soak in all the compliments I’m sure you’ll be receiving.

  2. Go for that chocolate cake, Miss Millie!!! What the heck, it’ll only take ten weeks to work it off. Sorry. Seriously, have a great time.

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