Looking Forward to a New Week

My tax prep days are over until next year and so I am back to my regular days at the school. The school has been on Spring break for a week. Getting back to learning again and schedules is difficult for the little ones. I am sure there will be a bunch of sleepy heads on Monday. In spite of my being busy with the taxes, I still missed these little ones. Somehow, they have a way of attaching themselves to your heart strings. You just can’t help but adore them.

On the 16th, I will be downloading my first lesson of a new online course “Writing Fiction Like a Pro”. I am hoping to become a “famous writer”. We never know what we are capable of unless we try. So let’s root, root, root for Ms Millie and wait and see!!! Perhaps I can write a book about my children and how they have changed my life for the better.

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One Reply to “Looking Forward to a New Week”

  1. Hey, those kids aren’t the only sleepy ones on Mondays. I could have slept for hours, datgum job.

    I’ve been debating that writing course, I may have to take it. Good luck in it.

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