Changing Time Again

Only two more weekends and we set our clocks back one hour.  I personally prefer lighter at night so I can drive safely.  For some of us with night-blindness, we begin to change the times we do our shopping or dining out and more time indoors,  to catch up on reading and television viewing.  I am curious as to “how you feel about the time change and how it effects your life.”

I think our children will favor the time change.  This will be the first year in Daylight Savings Time.  It also provides them with an added safety feature as our trick or treats kids walk the roads and streets filling their goody bags, wearing their costumes.  It is so much fun seeing their cuteness and originality of some of the get ups.  Some are very scary, and others- just adorable- especially the younger children.

So mark your calendars, November 2Nd ends DST.

Spring ahead, Fall back

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  1. I hate changing time. I go to work in the dark and come home in the dark, and I’m not talking about the fog I walk around in every day. On the positive point, it means that I don’t have to mow the yard much longer.

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