Back in Florida

I must say I had a great time in New York with family and making of new friends.  I managed to take some great photos of a “Transit Garden” in Brooklyn  to enhance the neighborhood with flowers, shrubs, ornamental trees all tendered by residents of the nearby homes.  I have photos of my first home back in Long Island where I raised my sons.  In addition, I have a photo of my great grand-son and one of my grandson flexing his muscles.

House in LI (behind white fence) family home
My 22 year old Grandson Sean
My 22 year old Grandson Sean
  • My Great Grand-Son A. J.
  • Angel Water Fountain (Brooklyn NY)

    Angel Water Fountain (Brooklyn NY)

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    1. I didn’t know they had grass in Brooklyn! :>) I imagine the City is a fasinating place, I’m going to have to check it out sometime.

    2. Hope you do make the trip sometime as there is no place like New York City for Broadway shows, music, ethinic foods, friendly people and lots of downright inexpensive fun. Subways are awesome and transportation is easy to get around.

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