The Seventh Decade

When I think back to my teenage years with my best friend Ellen, we would discuss many things about life and we had some different opinions on how it would be. But, the one thing we agreed on was the “age factor.”  How old was old and at what number?  And somehow we always came to the same conclusion, and we laughed about it.  We concurred that being thirty years of age would make us middle-age and forty would be old age.  Actually over the hill so to speak.  Would we have to wear old women Oxford’s with socks or stockings rolled in a knot at the top of the knee like our Mothers wore theirs?  As I recall my grandmother sitting stern-faced with her grey-white hair in a bun with laced up shoes and rolled stockings and a shapeless dress in a pale color, it frightened me.  I dreaded our visits as I had to approach her to give her a kiss on the cheek and she never seemed to blink an eye or respond.  I wondered if she just didn’t like me!  But my Dad explained that it was everyone that embraced her, she just didn’t show emotion and I found that to be so very sad. I think right then and there I promised myself  that if I ever became old like my grandmother I would love to have my grandchildren hug and kiss me and I would do the same in return.  Affection is a wonderful heart-warming sensation not only to give but to receive.  In my daily living  I hug almost everyone in my life when I see them and greet them hello.  People need to know we care about each other and that we miss and need them in our lives.

Living in my seventies has proven to be a wonderful  decade so far.  At 73 I gained a new daughter-in-law and two grand children.  At 74 my eighth grand-daughter was born in the month of May and just 3 short weeks ago my ninth grand-daughter was born.  Nine is a great number and so many of my friends are envious as they have none. (I wish I could share them) so they could know the happiness and love they bring.

I made it to all the high school graduations for my first four grandchildren.  Now my plan is to continue into my early 90’s to see the next five graduate.  And who knows?  There might be more, but for now this is my wish!  Sixteen years doesn’t seem unreasonable and besides I already made it past the hard years and the in-between, so this could be a breeze!

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Reversal of Roles

Many years ago when I worked full-time and was a single Mom of three sons I hustled and bustled while cooking cleaning shopping and keeping my boys busy with baseball, track-football whichever they preferred.   It seemed to keep them healthy and motivated and never overweight and between their homework and practice there wasn’t too much time left over to get into trouble.  I recall an older co-worker telling me that someday Ms Millie you are not going to be able to keep up with this pace.  I chuckled as I thought there is no way why I can’t go on forever racing around and getting it all done.  Well someone put the brakes on and Ms Millie realized she was no longer a young woman who could fly hoops and make pies and be a good sport all at the same time.  “Someone must have clipped my wings I thought but wouldn’t admit it to others, after all, I didn’t want confirmation of this fact nor did I want to hear (take a look in the mirror).  Somehow I knew I going to like the reflection staring back at me.”

The past two weeks have been busy with an awesome visit from my son and his wonderful wife and three of the cutest grandchildren.  I had dreamed of a million ways I was going to entertain them (even dressing up in my clown attire) to making pancakes for all.  But a slight bout with maybe the flu bug knocked me for a loop and I was down at the count and my recliner and oxygen were my companions………..I had no appetite and not much of a happy disposition but my heart was happy  just watching my babies play and interact so nicely with each other.  Maria found whatever she needed to prepare meals and take care of everyone’s needs and never griped or complained.  My son helped with all the little things I had needed to be done.  I marveled at the two of them and then realized that the reflection in the mirror  wasn’t so bad.  I just looked like Maria only a few yesterday’s ago. It is a blessing to have come this far in life and have the love and the respect and the support of the dear children you have raised.  I truly love my life as a grandmother and feel awesome that I can also wear the title great-grandmother.  All in all the reversal in roles is pretty swift.

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Brand New Month

Hope everyone had a wonderful safe fourth of July and that you are keeping cool in the summer’s heat where ever you live.   My family up North tells me they have a heat wave and without central air, they are baking.   The window a/c units cool ( but not enough for a big room) and sleeping is a problem especially for my one sister that has asthma.   I know first hand how the humidity affects me having C.O.P.D and how sometimes it takes my breath away just like in the colder months.   But, I am still thankful for all the good people and family in my life.   It seems they all have a way of bringing me joy and happiness.  “For example, I love to chat with my baby grand-daughter on Skype (with childish talk and sounds alike) it sure makes me look goofy but isn’t that what Nana’s are for?”   Parents don’t have time to be silly and relaxed and so we take over the fun part of being a grand-parent.  After all, ” I think my son’s might say Mom was a stodgy parent.”  I hope not (but in hindsight and without a rule book)  this is how it had to be!  So now it is the fun times without middle of the night feedings tummy aches and nightmares..

I find myself lately with all the spare time available thinking about the earlier years and how I managed a single parent household with meager funds and a budget (unheard of today) three wonderful sons and a full-time job.  How did I do all that and all by myself?   Now I know why my energy level seems to be depleted ?   I used it all and so did many of my counterparts that were in the same boat.   The thought never entered our minds that we were “Wonder Women” just without a title.   So hip hooray for all of us.

We still are the cream of the crop (la crème).   Enjoy your weekend…………Ms Millie

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Missing the Old Days

Once upon a time Spring meant shopping for a new Spring coat and also visiting the local millinery shops to try on the latest in hats.   I loved the dress up on Sundays wearing my hat and gloves with purse to match.  Even my sons would be in their Sunday attire of slacks, shirt and tie with their freshly polished shoes and neatly combed hair.  If we were going to church that is how everyone would be dressed or if we were invited to someone’s home for dinner.  We would stop at the local bakery and pick up a layer cake or pastries as you didn’t visit empty-handed.

Today if I wear a dress or skirt it is like where are you going?   The hat generation and fashion is gone but I am going to dress up in my finest dress and heels this Easter Sunday and strut my stuff and maybe I will tempt others to bring back dress up Sundays.

After all us ladies have legs, we should be showing them like the olden days!

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Weekend is Here

This has been a very nice week and I am happy to be relaxing this Friday night.   On Tuesday I will be bound for New York with a stop in Brooklyn to visit Darrin and Maria and my two grandchildren Sam and Meg.  They are the youngest of my grand-children and so it will be fun once again to play at their level and read bedtime stories to them.

Recently, I came to the realization that when I read to my children years ago I did find it enjoyable, but not nearly as much as I find it today.   Somehow it boils down to my not having an agenda/ a zillion things in my head, a time clock ticking.  I can just concentrate on reading – playing or just listening to Sam and Meg.  You see living out of state makes it difficult to bond with children,  and so I want to learn all about their lives and what they have been doing.  It will be a couple of days of  love and good times for me and hopefully for them too as they get to know their grandmother.

So  that is it for now, as  I need to do some packing and planning for the coming trip.  But you know I will be back very soon.

Have a great weekend!  Relax and Enjoy!

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