in seems likes only a few short years ago I was wondering how my sixties and seventies would be and here I am a little bit shower in movement but still sharp in certain skills.  My memory (short term) is slowing me down and frustrates me at times.  All in all I am thankful for having a full life raising 3 sons giving me 9 grandchildren and 3 great grand kids with another on the way come April 2017.  What is not to love?

I am going to see if I can break down my life into ten year periods and give my best recall into my achievements-friendships-employment. This is my plan for 2017.  Stay tuned as this 80 year lady gets ready for the New Year……………..

Getting Over Disappointment

I was torn between not liking either party but did not feel comfortable not voting.  Now it is finally over and we Americans need to stand together. Love and respect each other. God Bless America!

One Year Anniversary

Today is a day I am thankful for in so many ways.

It was just a year ago that I fell, fracturing my left hip.  After surgery and a post operative pain medication that caused me complications, I ended up in CCU.  Fortunately, with the help and guidance of all three of my sons and one particular doctor, they were able to get me on a path to being able to be discharged from the hospital after a few of weeks.

From there, I entered a rehabilitation facility where I had physical therapy and other forms of therapy to get my body functioning again, and helping me to resume an independent lifestyle.  It was a difficult experience sharing a room with someone that may have been mentally ill. She had no clue that her television was always loud. Sometimes she just wanted to talk incessantly about nothing at all.  My state of mind was not able to just ignore it all, and  so they prescribed an anti-anxiety medication to help me cope.

My sons and extended family members came to visit and called, giving me lots of loving words and inspiration to keep hanging in and pushing forward. On December 27th, I was finally discharged from the rehabilitation center and went back home to living in my Independent Living apartment.

From then, I had my meals delivered and a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) come twice-a-week for my showers, and to help around the apartment with things like doing my laundry.

I can tell you this, it’s kind of hard to get used to not having a shower every day or being able to do it yourself.  It seems the word “embarrassed” is no longer available to me these days.

While it has been a long torturous experience, I am grateful to be alive and where I am today.

Thankful and Grateful

Two months ago I did the unthinkable and fell and fractured my hip,  Being Ms Independent all my life has me asking for help with every thing it seems.  My emphysema has been compromised as well and it doesn’t leave me happy.  But in spite of it all I am grateful to my sons for their love and caring along with my sister checking on me daily via phone or email.

Along with this goes my thanks to two residents living here in my complex bringing my meals in spite of their own disabilities.  Also my dear friend Maria who is keeping the gray out of my hair.  (It does help).  Life has knocked me for a loop but I am determined to get my self together again. Never take your life for granted just live each moment.

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Fitting In

When I first moved to my new residence it seemed I was out of synch with the other residents as far as mobility (lots of walkers, canes and scooters) and I prided my self on being in good physical shape to still be able to get around unaided.  Well the tables have turned as I  found my long jaunt from my apartment to the dining room was becoming a problem carrying my portable oxygen (seven pounds and bulky) with my worsening C.O.P.D .  And so I became depressed and for three weeks I had my meals delivered and just stayed in my apartment watching show after show and not enjoying anything.

Then one night my son and I had a telephone conversation where I just vented my feelings and almost a bale of tears. ” He wonderfully listened as he always manages to do and then in his kind way but direct manner” said Mom you know what to do and how to do it.  He continued to tell me he understood my situation but I was not handling it the right way,  As I rethought my words I found myself making a plan and thanking my son for our wonderful relationship.

The next morning I looked into getting a scooter or walker and this past weekend they brought me a walker to try.  I walked around the floor with it a few times and then on Sunday I placed my oxygen in the opening seat compartment and my keys on my arm.  As I walked down the corridor to the dining room I started to sing I am in with “In Crowd” and now I do fit in.

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