I am feeling like a kid again as  I recall doing a countdown to my birthday that I always loved. Mom would make some chocolate pudding or jello for me and my sisters and brother as a special treat.

That is over seven and a half decades ago when my two older sisters and younger brother and I were kids. Since that time, we grew and married, had families, moved, visited, shared photos. But we never had one on one time and so I don’t really know about my older sister Jo.  What are her likes, her preferences? I have always admired her beautiful dimples and her caring diplomatic style. And always a lady.

Me? I am non stop talking, laughing carefree silly and sometimes child like.  I don’t see myself serious. Being free and carefree is my goal.

But is this the Millie she knows?  We shall have this golden opportunity on May 3 for three days when Jo comes for a visit.  Just the two of us.  I can hardly wait!


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Model (Accessories)

I signed up to be in the fashion show once again as I love to wear the latest fashions and it is fun to parade around with all eyes on me.  The attention I get is wonderful and I love how good it makes me feel.   This time around my breathing was not cooperating and so I decided to use my walker and put my portable oxygen in the opening and saunter in with a big smile.

The crowd loved it and they also liked the orange capris and colorful blouse with a colorful necklace bracelet and handbag, the store provided.   My second fashion was a sheath dress in the latest paisley pattern with turquoise and purple highlights.  The beaded necklace and bracelet picked up the colors which really put a “Wow” to the complete outfit as I strutted in wearing my 2inch heels.

It was so much fun and I felt so good and not embarrassed as I thought I might be. And, anyway who said models have to be beautiful and perfect?

I did it my way and perhaps this might open the door for others to give it a try.

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Wonderful Mother’s Day

Received a surprise delivery of awesome Tulips from my dear son and family in Brooklyn featuring my favorite color of purple with some bright yellow and  blue.  They always manage to bloom for 2 weeks.  Yesterday I received a dozen roses and a beautiful plant from Thailand that looks like it is from the orchid family and once again in my favorite color of purple.  These treasures were from my son Joe and Chanipa and my almost 2  Joava.  She managed to be the main attraction at our Mother’s Day celebration here at Coral Oaks.  My fellow residents loved seeing her and so did I.

It was a wonderful day hearing from my son who was on a business trip, phone calls from older grand-kids and my sister all -out-of state.  I am so thankful for the love and the support of my family and friends.

Hope to hear about your Mom’s day.

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Wonderful Family Visit

Flew up to NYC over the Memorial Day weekend to celebrate my grand-daughters third birthday.  I couldn’t wait to see my son and his wonderful wife and children as they always make me feel comfortable and right at home.  Since I started on my oxygen usage, I have been a little embarrassed about having to use it and not being able to be as active as I used to be.  But both Maria and Darrin are always there to help me along, without making me feel like I am a burden.

Sam Meg and Mia are super smart children and have the most wonderful personalities.  Each has their own interests yet share things nicely.  I listened to Sam and Meg play their latest achievement on the piano and so impressed with how good it sounded.   Even little Mia could play a little tune and before long I am sure she will be taking lessons and then we could have a little concert of sorts.   Hey “Maybe, I could be their soloist as I know the words to the tunes they are learning to play.”

On Monday the birthday girl was so excited as the company started to come and her Mom had made these awesome cupcakes with different colored frosting and candies on top.  Her Uncle Terry and Aunt Peggy along with her cousins Desiree and Brian.  Marissa and Anthony her second cousins also joined the party.

The food was beyond delicious and all healthy and prepared by Maria.  She is one dynamic woman and mother to my three grand children and I admire her so much.  My son lucked out with having an awesome wife, mother and best friend to share his life………..It was an awesome visit and a great time and so thankful I could be there……………

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Bundle of Joy

It was back in time in 1969 on a beautiful spring like day that my third baby came into this world.  He was all of 6 lbs 4 oz withdarrin and the kids in Cape Cod dark black curly hair (just like his handsome Dad).  As I checked his tiny fingers and toes and held him so close I could hardly believe this bundle of joy was mine to keep.  On Thursday this marvelous bundle will be celebrating his 45th birthday and I think “how the time has passed”.  Darrin came up through the years with good grades and lots of talent.  He has a versatile personality and is marvelous at making people feel comfortable.  He is articulate and personable and has the kindest loving ways that any mother could wish for.

My son Darrin is a wonderful son, husband and father and I want to sing a very Happy Birthday wish to him.  I also want to tell him that I have loved all the love and devotion you have bestowed on me through out the years and how very much I adore you for it.

Love always Your Mom

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