Super Saturday

My hair was completely restyled as I walked from my car to the music store during a very windy day.  Fortunately the sun and the warm temperatures created a warm breeze.  As I gazed in the mirror,  I had a flashing thought about  “how this hairdo might work”  in tandem with the song I am planning to sing.  I definitely was having a funny silly mood that carried me right into the music store.  As Crystal played the piano,  I sang the lyrics and the chorus over and over.  I am learning to project my voice and put more feeling into the words I am singing.  For practice this week, I will be learning to sing from my diaphram  along with more breathing exercises. 

I must admit I am enjoying this – I love practicing and hearing myself on the tape recorder.  If all goes well you might get to hear me one of these days……Have a great weekend.

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