I am feeling like a kid again as  I recall doing a countdown to my birthday that I always loved. Mom would make some chocolate pudding or jello for me and my sisters and brother as a special treat.

That is over seven and a half decades ago when my two older sisters and younger brother and I were kids. Since that time, we grew and married, had families, moved, visited, shared photos. But we never had one on one time and so I don’t really know about my older sister Jo.  What are her likes, her preferences? I have always admired her beautiful dimples and her caring diplomatic style. And always a lady.

Me? I am non stop talking, laughing carefree silly and sometimes child like.  I don’t see myself serious. Being free and carefree is my goal.

But is this the Millie she knows?  We shall have this golden opportunity on May 3 for three days when Jo comes for a visit.  Just the two of us.  I can hardly wait!


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