Fitting In

When I first moved to my new residence it seemed I was out of synch with the other residents as far as mobility (lots of walkers, canes and scooters) and I prided my self on being in good physical shape to still be able to get around unaided.  Well the tables have turned as I  found my long jaunt from my apartment to the dining room was becoming a problem carrying my portable oxygen (seven pounds and bulky) with my worsening C.O.P.D .  And so I became depressed and for three weeks I had my meals delivered and just stayed in my apartment watching show after show and not enjoying anything.

Then one night my son and I had a telephone conversation where I just vented my feelings and almost a bale of tears. ” He wonderfully listened as he always manages to do and then in his kind way but direct manner” said Mom you know what to do and how to do it.  He continued to tell me he understood my situation but I was not handling it the right way,  As I rethought my words I found myself making a plan and thanking my son for our wonderful relationship.

The next morning I looked into getting a scooter or walker and this past weekend they brought me a walker to try.  I walked around the floor with it a few times and then on Sunday I placed my oxygen in the opening seat compartment and my keys on my arm.  As I walked down the corridor to the dining room I started to sing I am in with “In Crowd” and now I do fit in.

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Wonderful Mother’s Day

Received a surprise delivery of awesome Tulips from my dear son and family in Brooklyn featuring my favorite color of purple with some bright yellow and  blue.  They always manage to bloom for 2 weeks.  Yesterday I received a dozen roses and a beautiful plant from Thailand that looks like it is from the orchid family and once again in my favorite color of purple.  These treasures were from my son Joe and Chanipa and my almost 2  Joava.  She managed to be the main attraction at our Mother’s Day celebration here at Coral Oaks.  My fellow residents loved seeing her and so did I.

It was a wonderful day hearing from my son who was on a business trip, phone calls from older grand-kids and my sister all -out-of state.  I am so thankful for the love and the support of my family and friends.

Hope to hear about your Mom’s day.

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Five Month Anniversary

It hardly seems like five months have passed and I am still not feeling that great.  I go through bouts of feeling great and then the allergies kick in and I am having a hard time breathing.  The emphysema has worsened and although I knew this was going to happen it is still frightening for me at times and frustrating, too.  I so wish there were a magic potion I could take to erase all of this.  Had I like thousands of others known how serious it would be for our lungs and our overall health, I don’t believe we wold have taken up the habit to begin with.

But I can’t change any of it and so I am dealing the best I can with being kind to new friends and writing for the newspaper featuring a resident a month telling a little about their incredible life.

To all of my friends near and far I wish all moms grand-moms and great-grand moms a wonderful well deserved Mother’s day.