Seventeen Days and Counting

In just about a week I will be flying to New York to spend some wonderful quality time with family and feast on the delicious food prepared by Darrin and Maria. I am looking forward to seeing my wonderful grandchildren and getting their wonderful hugs and kisses  These hugs warm my whole being while filling the void created by missing them.  I then realize that these are just some of the things in life that mean so much to me.  Even Sam the dog and Bonkers the cat remember me and I get some kisses from them too!

And so as I prepare for a new start early next month, I look back at all that I have accomplished and I feel pretty comfortable about  patting myself on the back.  I do recall being apprehensive about doing this or that but my personality always kicks in and tells me to try it.  If all else fails, at least you tried!  So far the failures have been few.  And, through these situations, I have gleaned so much wisdom that I have applied to my next course of action. If anything at all it has made me a stronger confident woman.  Just this past weekend I sold my car and turned in the plates and although it is strange not seeing it in my driveway, I am not sad about it.  Actually, I jest about being like Miss Daisy and how fun that would be, but driving Ms Millie will have to wait until I hit the big lottery.

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Let It Go

Those three words sound so powerful yet for me when it comes to getting rid of photos from years ago and clothes that are out of style,  I find it extremely difficult to “let it go.”  And so as I pack and label the cartons I now have some large plastic bags with the names of charities on it.  One for instance is St Joseph’s Hospital for children that will take clothes and accessories plus shoes and handbags.  This bag I can fill easily with shoes that are almost brand new and handbags I just don’t use any more. Besides anything that will help a child,  especially a sick one surely works for me.  The Salvation Army and  Goodwill stores are also favorites that I like to give to. Realistically this will probably be my last move and so I am thinking along the lines of keeping the minimum and filling my life with fun things to do and learn.

Besides the fact that it will be so wonderful and exciting to meet new acquaintances and to hear all about their hometowns, heritage and customs.

Well, that’s it for now!

I will be back soon……….Enjoy your weekend!

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