Hard Choices

I am at the stage of going through my closets and seeing (really seeing) clothes and shoes and purses and belts thick and thin and some I haven’t seen in years.   Fortunately, I am still the same size but my goodness the fashion isn’t the same and I am too mature in years to wear some of my favorites that would make me look tacky.   I don’t want to dress like a younger person having an older face and hear the snickers and embarrass my self  And so I have been making me 3 piles that consists of donating-giving to a consignment shop- and finding someone in my size and give them my treasures.   Same with my boxes of cd’s  that are no longer of value and too cumbersome to take with me.  I was actually planning on keeping a few favorites like Elton John in a boxed set I received as a present from my son Darrin way back in 1990.  Tom Jones and Shirley Bassey along with Tony Bennett and Sarah Brightman and my Forever 50’s do-wop will also end up being keepers……Thinking I might treat myself to a smaller unit like a Bose that will give me music and the option of playing my favorite cd.   It is so difficult parting with the things we love but smaller spaces say I must.  Furniture that I have had for almost twenty five years and in great shape also has to be sold and you don’t recoup much as everyone wants to sell furniture and are not willing to pay top dollar for solid wood when purchasing replacements.

Most of my family lives out of state so giving it to them is not an option and the cost is prohibitive as far as shipping goes.   I may take half of my bedroom set and sell/donate my armoire and the same with my sofa.  But my wonderful recliner and reading lamp comes with me as well as another chair and ottoman.  My wall hangings also will follow me as I can’t bear to part with them and perhaps I can just rotate them every few months for a new look.  I have storage space too but not that big to start collecting stuff all over again.  After all there will come a time when someone might have to decide what to do with my so called treasures and so the less I have the easier it will be.  (I think).

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Changes Are Coming

Lately I have been contemplating my present living situation and finding I am not happy in it.  At first the idea frightened me and then enlightened me and then I changed my mind. Again and again  I have repeated this thinking for the past three or so years.  But now I think I am ready to make the move in a few months .

I have come to the realization that the solitude I once enjoyed is no longer working for my well-being.  Hearing other people laugh, is uplifting as well as lending an ear to hear their opinions and ideas.   I never realized how inspirational and motivating I am to others until this past year as I stayed away from my exercise routine.  It wasn’t intentional, just difficult circumstances preventing me from driving to and from the studio.   It has only been a mere three or four weeks,  since I started back to my yoga and you would think I was a major attraction with all of the attention my yoga buddies have bestowed on me.

So many hugs and squeezes and questions as to where have I been and am I alright and how much they missed me all rolled into the repeat scenario each class I attended…………………I always knew I loved people and I do love getting attention but I didn’t realize how special people thought I was.   Wow!!!  I am overcome with emotion and so very happy that I make a positive statement with this wonderful group of people that have become my extended family.   I know when I move they will be in my mind and heart for a lifetime.  Fortunately it won’t be that far away that they won’t be able to visit (I hope they will) if they choose to..  To be continued…………………




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Coincidence of Events

Thirteen years ago on this day we will never forget, I was at work and my son Joe was recuperating at my home after a stent replacement in New York.  When he awoke that morning and flipped on the t.v,. there he saw the plane hitting one of the towers and he thought as he went about his business in the rest room, it is an advertisement or a  coming attraction. (I was at work twenty miles away with no radio or television access in my office.)  When he looked at the screen again he realized this was not a hallucination or his medication, he was definitely seeing the horrific events unfolding before his very eyes.  ‘He quickly dialed my work number and asked me if I knew what was taking place and my answer was no.  As he went on tell me the events that had and were taking place in New York, I went into my bosses office and turned on a television they used for training purposes.  My co-worker and I  were in total shock,  frozen as we gaped at the screen not believing what we were seeing.  I don’t believe we will ever forget what took place on 9-11-2001 and for me my eyes still fill with tears when I think of it most especially today!

Ironically, Joe is in the hospital this time with a gall bladder that has to be surgically removed and is probably taking place as I write this.  This is way  too coincidental for me to absorb.  I know I am praying he comes out of it with no complications.   You see my son Joe has had his share of surgeries including open heart in 2007 and now his gall-bladder.

Hopefully, he will start to take better care of himself and not share this memorable date not feeling up to par ever again……….

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