Feeling the Difference

Thirty three years ago holding my first grandchild, I recall being full of life and energy and so proud.  Because we lived close, I was able to see Laura often and I would bounce her on my knee and sing to her. Being a lover of music and dance I always had the radio on and I would just dance even while cleaning and so holding Laura I would dance with her in my arms.  Sure enough, Laura loves music just like her Nana and yes she does enjoy dancing and tells everyone her Nana taught her how many years ago.

Yesterday when my ninth grand-child Joava came to visit I had the music channel on and she would look at me as I made the motions of dancing and singing aloud and there stood little Joava  shaking her hands and moving her body with a big smile on her face.  Oh my goodness , she is just too cute for words and I loved her pretty pink and blue dress (yet I did notice) when I lifted her to sit on my lap, her 23 pounds felt like dead weight!   I sure didn’t have the energy to play with her like I did years ago with Laura.  I believe we know by our birthdays that we are aging but never quite realize how it affects our stamina and health.

I am an advocate for healthy eating and exercise but it doesn’t change how I felt yesterday compared to today.  But, this will not stop me from singing dancing and having fun with my grandchildren. ” In fact I made a promise myself to always be a kid at heart not a cranky crabby older person.”  That is how I would like my grandchildren to think of their Nana, grandmother. ” Life is different but good!”

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A calendar to help you never forget again

Going back almost 65 years ago when I was a young girl perhaps twelve or thirteen we had variety stores namely Woolworth and Kresge  that had different departments and among them a place to buy greeting cards.  And at the end of the year you could would get for free a hallmark pocket journal for the coming year at the checkout counter.    At that time we would enter on each month’s page the name of a family member/friend in the proper date and a notation if it was a birthday/anniversary/graduation or any upcoming party or event.  I sometimes wrote the age and the years married if warranted by the occasion.

In the back of this book was a place for addresses and phone numbers so once a new month was approaching you could buy your cards, address them and in the corner of the envelope notate the date to mail. In some instances, you would need to predate to allow for out of state delivery.    In this manner,  I have never ever forgotten a person that I loved and/ wanted to remember.  Nor did I have an excuse, for I managed to do it way before the next month and just had them lined up in a mail holder with partitions (even a napkin holder will work) and have it ready to mail.  And yes you would have put the postage on it and with the forever stamps, it is even easier.

No excuse (I didn’t have a stamp or I don’t remember the address), your little notebook (calendar) can be updated as necessary especially at the end of the year and you just add birthdays as they occur or any other pertinent information and then just transfer to your new book.  It is actually fun and nostalgic to save them and look back at all of the wonderful events that have happened.  Sort of a mini reminder of  “life happenings  good and bad.”

Maybe I am just a sentimental aging woman but I sure do love to remember others and love the tradition of finding a handwritten sentiment from friends and loved ones, in my mailbox .  Emails and phone calls (when remembered) aren’t the same. And so my feeling is to remember while you can, to love and show it every time or way you find  and never ever forget again.

Love today with no regrets tomorrow!

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