Somehow things that have happened in my life stand out in bold letters as I see the date on the calendar and remember someone’s birthday from many many years ago or an anniversary and even their passing.  Sadly this morning I recalled the phone call from my youngest son telling me his Dad had just passed away with him and his brothers by his side.  He said in “almost a whisper that he knew I loved him, and I guess it was true.  How do you not love the person you knew since you were fifteen years of age?”

We married at 18 and had three children all boys and then after nineteen years realized we could not continue our life together happily  and so we parted.  It was difficult back in 1973 to be a single parent working full time and caring for my sons but it was something that had to be done and I promised myself I would do the best I could.  Luckily after our divorce in 1974 he kept his visits with his children on Sundays and some holidays but I don’t think he had the capacity to love his sons and find out what they were about as individuals.   Each of my sons has the intelligence and capacity of being a wonderful human being to everyone.   They are kind and caring and loving in their own ways and I love them dearly.  I feel that my ex-husband and father of my children missed out on seeing his grand-daughters Mia 3 and Joava 1.   By far they are the cutest smartest little girls with booming personalities.

Our sons together have given me much love over the years and I so wish we could turn back the hands of time.   You sure have missed the best 10 years of their lives, Joe and I can almost see that sneer on your face.  RIP!

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What I Remember

Tomorrow all around the United States we will be celebrating Fathers Day as we applaud and thank our Dad’s grand-dads and people that were almost like a dad to us.  What I still remember about my wonderful Daddy was his patience and his teachings.  If I asked a question or permission to do something, he would explain the answer and then go on to ask me if I understood the answer.  I know I didn’t always like the outcome especially when he denied me approval of an activity that I wanted to do, but realized later on that he in fact was teaching me common sense.  “He would tell me about a situation and what happened and then ask me, what would I do in that same situation?” “Think Millie he would say, and always listen to your instinct.  If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it!  Or think of different scenarios and then decide, don’t make rash decisions!”

His teachings have followed all through my life and I admit that I have made some instant decisions that I did not like the outcome, but for the most part I have done good with my use of ” common sense.”   I truly feel we are missing this in today’s world with our youth and even some young adults.  More so with today’s new wave of technology and freedoms we have to be more diligent for our own and others safety. “It is never too late to learn and so easy to pass on.”

My daddy was my best friend and inspiration and even though he has been in heaven since 1963, it seems like only yesterday.

Happy Fathers Day Daddy.

From your not so little girl but a wiser older woman who thanks you for your love and guidance.

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Wonderful Family Visit

Flew up to NYC over the Memorial Day weekend to celebrate my grand-daughters third birthday.  I couldn’t wait to see my son and his wonderful wife and children as they always make me feel comfortable and right at home.  Since I started on my oxygen usage, I have been a little embarrassed about having to use it and not being able to be as active as I used to be.  But both Maria and Darrin are always there to help me along, without making me feel like I am a burden.

Sam Meg and Mia are super smart children and have the most wonderful personalities.  Each has their own interests yet share things nicely.  I listened to Sam and Meg play their latest achievement on the piano and so impressed with how good it sounded.   Even little Mia could play a little tune and before long I am sure she will be taking lessons and then we could have a little concert of sorts.   Hey “Maybe, I could be their soloist as I know the words to the tunes they are learning to play.”

On Monday the birthday girl was so excited as the company started to come and her Mom had made these awesome cupcakes with different colored frosting and candies on top.  Her Uncle Terry and Aunt Peggy along with her cousins Desiree and Brian.  Marissa and Anthony her second cousins also joined the party.

The food was beyond delicious and all healthy and prepared by Maria.  She is one dynamic woman and mother to my three grand children and I admire her so much.  My son lucked out with having an awesome wife, mother and best friend to share his life………..It was an awesome visit and a great time and so thankful I could be there……………

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