Loveless Home

Have you ever walked into someone’s home and felt the warmth and love of the people inside no matter how big or small their place was?  I  happen to like open airy rooms along with bright cheery colors and an easy way to feel comfortable in a chair or sofa.  It seems I associate space and order with being able to show love and affection and how it affects me when there isn’t any.  My mood changes from optimistic to pessimistic-from smiling to frowning and my health takes a nose dive.  Is it symptomatic?  I leave with an open mind but find in just a few hours how quickly the clutter of people’s lives and their surroundings takes a toll on me and I am sick.

I really don’t know how to remedy this situation as the people involved are my loved ones and they seem oblivious to their surroundings.  Anything I might suggest becomes a criticism and then the excuses follow and then silence!  It is also an embarrassment when others visit and I see the look on their faces about how they live.  It is a sad reminder for me to relive the remnants of my childhood surroundings in the poor growing up days.  Yet, these were the times when very few had anything but we did learn to appreciate what we did have.  Amongst these treasures were love and affection-respect and kindness accompanied by good food with no choices and absolutely no wasting.  I have managed over the years to zip my lip but it sure doesn’t help with the feeling of doomsday!







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Three Meaningful Words

What comes to mind when we read something mentioning “those three words”?  Gee that must mean, I love you!  Those three words seem to be spoken for a zillion reasons and/occasions and sometimes just said as a matter of expression.  But it is always nice to hear, isn’t it?  What is painful for me are the words spoken by a loved one that just seem to sever your heart-strings and embed themselves in your memory bank.

Then one day this person decides they want a relationship and play the innocence role or have excuses.  I don’t believe they forgot what they said.  And the only way I might ever  consider a relationship again  would be to see the sincerity on their face and then hear those three powerful words, I am sorry!   This ironically goes in hand in hand with an earlier post I wrote about Running Out of Time.  It is so true!

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