Wish You Were Here

As I looked at the date I realized that it has been nine years since my children’s Dad passed away.  He was only a week away from his 66th birthday when he lost his battle with cancer. Our marriage was over many years ago but I know he loved his sons and grand-children.  The one great grand child was a toddler when he was sick.  He would have adored Sam, Meg and Mia and the latest baby Joava..   I know that life isn’t fair sometimes and I try to give lots of love and attention to all of them and praise for their achievements.

It is so wonderful telling people I have nine grand children and two great grand-kids.  ‘Their eyebrows are always raised in surprise mode when they ask are they young in age?”

Well let’s see,  the oldest is 31 and the next is almost 30 and so on down the list I go until I reach the last one born just thirteen days ago.  Then it is my turn to smile from ear to ear.  Am I proud?  Absolutely and thankful too, that life has been good to me!  And so sorry you weren’t here  to see it all.


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The right amount of People

At 11:11 p.m. on the 13 Th day of June a 5 lb 6 oz baby girl came into this world!  And her name is Joava.  She is the prettiest little baby with tiny puffy cheeks and the most adorable perfectly shaped lips.  I could not believe,” how magical it was for me to hold her in my arms just being born 17 hours earlier.  It didn’t matter that this wasn’t the first grand-baby, that special proud feeling was right there as I beamed with a happy heart and wet eyes.” Actually, I am feeling pretty smug about this whole business of being a grand-parent for the ninth time.  This is actually the right number for Ms Millie to think about starting her own baseball team in just a few years .  The oldest will be 31 right down to little Joava.  How much fun this would be!  We shall see what the future holds, after all they say “anything is possible, right?”

A loud welcome goes out to my new grand-daughter.!

My New Grand-daughter Joava born 6-13 at 11 11 5 6 19 inYour parents and older brother will love you along with the rest of the family.

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Running Out of Time

If we multiply the hours in a day times a week and then again by 52 it would give us the grand total of 8768 hours of life in a year.  You just might utter a Wow and say ” I didn’t think I had all that time,  so why is it I don’t have enough time to eat, sleep, work, commute, cook, clean and take care of a family pets, etc?  And, why don’t I have time to call a loved one, write a letter or send a card.?”  “Don’t we realize that we are on a time machine (so to speak) and there are just so many hours given to each one of us.  We have all felt that “it’s not fair feeling, when a loved one’s life  has come to an end, but would we act differently, if we knew how much time we did have?”

I guess my suggestion is we try to become a bit more conscious of the time we do have and use it to the best of our abilities?  For example, what if we allow time every day (if only in 15 minute increments) to remember a loved one, make that phone call,or just lend an ear.  With today’s technology you can even Skype and see your distant relatives and friends.  How wonderful to see that happy face or the newborn!  Just think how great you will feel as you go forth with the rest of your day or night!

Remembering to remember is easy once you have it on your to-do list!  Let’s try for a perfect week,  one week at a time.  Can you do it?.

June is Busting Out

Seems like only a short time ago when I recall my children saying “No more teachers-no more books” yet here we are on the last day of school.   The showers have come down all day and I know the children (especially the walkers) will be wet but they will be happy.  As for me,  I am already missing them.  But before long , I will be back at Marlowe meeting lots of new wonderful children.  I might even try helping with second grade as this might be a nice change. Lots of choices come September, but for now let’s enjoy the summer.

To start the month off  my grand-daughter and husband are celebrating their second anniversary tomorrow.  And it sure seems like only yesterday when I flew up to New York and wore my pretty new suit to their fabulous wedding.   I  can see the number 13 circled on my calendar which means my great-grandson will be turning 10 followed by my grandson Joey turning fourteen on the eighteenth.

Yikes!  It seems like everyone is growing up so fast! But, I don’t feel any older in fact I feel great!  And I am happy to be around for these wonderful occasions. In fact I think I will notate them in my gratitude journal.

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