Tomorrow Brings May Flowers

They say that April showers bring May flowers and so tomorrow maybe my new plants will start to bud.  I received a very nice thank you plant today for being a valuable volunteer at my favorite school along with a wonderful notebook to jot down all of my thoughts as I go through my days.  Having this pretty covered notebook will be a reminder to do it as I am finding that I don’t remember all the facts just fragments.

This past Sunday I met with the staff of Trinity Yoga Studio and a reporter from our local newspaper The Tampa Tribune. Their reporter Cliff had an interest in yoga and was curious about the studio-classes and its offerings.  The co-owners Christina and Janel thought it fitting to have me as the Ambassador of the senior group (age-wise) to let people see how Yoga can benefit them in their lives. For me personally it has improved my posture-my balance and above all cleared my mind (at least for an hour) and I have learned how to live stress free just by learning to breathe that “yogic breath.”  I think it would look inviting under a title of mini vacation ideas as YOUR OWN GET AWAY, that is what yoga can do for you!

Hopefully the article will be an inspiration in addition to information for families to look into taking a class or two.  It is addictive and so beneficial to our minds bodies and emotions.   I sure hope I was smiling!!!!!!!!!!!


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Perfect Weather for a Perfect Event

March 21 is the first day of Spring and living up North years ago, we sometimes didn’t have the temperatures to match the season until the end of April or early May.  This one-time-event that I will always remember was the 17th day of April and I was nine months pregnant.

When I awoke that morning and sent my two older children off to school after having their wholesome breakfast, I realized how beautiful the weather was and maybe that I would take a walk.   I had a nice neighborhood with sidewalks, and I could walk about a mile to the main road where there stood a McDonald’s among other shops.   My tummy was craving a hamburger and fries, and perhaps a shake.

So I set off to start my walk a little early leaving myself enough time to eat and return home before my two children came home from school.  I recall that the sun was shining and maybe it was 65 degrees outside as I walked carrying all the extra weight while looking forward to my child being born any day.  My due date was April 24th, but I never – in million years – thought the walk could bring on labor.   I reached my destination starved and had my cheeseburger & fries and a chocolate shake, and then headed home full and happy.

My two sons came home and had their after school snack while I sat outside to enjoy the rest of the beautiful afternoon before starting dinner.  My tummy started to feel little cramps, but I just thought my baby was getting ready to move around some more after having some of my great lunch.  OOPS!  I forget to tell you, my two sons share the same date, but different months for their birthdays.  And so when their Dad called from work  to ask how I was feeling , I recall my answer being something like “I have some discomfort, but nothing too serious or resembling labor pains.”   His response was, “Today is the 17th and maybe you are in labor.  Call the doctor.”  “Joe”, I said with a chuckle, “that is craziness. How can I tell the doctor this?”  “Just do it.”, was his reply.  O.K., and so I did, and my sweet doctor told me take a ride to the hospital and we will do a look-see.

Lo and behold, my little discomfort was labor pains and just a few hours later I had my third son born on April 17!   It sure made this Mom very happy and thankful.  Today, forty-four years later, I am still so very proud of my son born today and his brothers born on August and January.   Maybe the number 17 is my lucky number!  Times 3!

News Flash:  Just like 44 years ago to the day, the weather report is “…a perfect Spring day…” for the people up North.  How wonderful for my birthday son!

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Never Give Up

I remember my Daddy telling me as a little girl to always be loyal and stand by the person/ground you believe in.  The person you are helping will know you have confidence in them and they in turn will trust you.  In the past few days this came to pass twice.   The first was a little friend that I asked before he started reading, how his Easter was and if he had gotten an Easter basket from his parents?   He looked at me with his big brown eyes and replied, no Ms Millie only from my Mom, I don’t have a Daddy anymore.  It’s a secret but I am telling you because I love you even though you  are old.    Need I tell you that a tiny smile appeared along with my wet eyes as I thanked him and said  “I am sure your Daddy loves you is so proud of you,too.”   He gave me a big smile in return and started to read.  These sad/but honest comments reassure me that my volunteering is worth gold and adds so much to my life and it seems it is a win-win situation.

My second bonanza is the gal I have mentoring for the past three years (Sophia) and she will be graduating next year with a scholarship.  She has had a difficult time with family and personal  problems but she is constantly trying her best and her marks are improving.  She will  be taking summer courses on-line to bring up better grades for the senior year.  Today she hugged me and thanked me for never giving up on her and exclaiming “you are the only one who hasn’t” and I replied, I never will.  “My plan is to be at your graduation come next June 2014, Sophia and if you believe you can, you will.”

I am eternally grateful that my Daddy instilled in me the concept of believing in one’s self and dream your dreams.  So called “pipe dreams” do come true if you try hard enough!

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