The Styles of Yesteryears

They say that stylists venture back twenty or so years to bring new ideas to past fashion hits by adding a different collar or hem size.  I have tried to give away or sell my size 7 acid-wash black straight leg jeans that I bought with a gift card for my 50th birthday.  Need I tell you I was all of 109 lbs and thought $100 was very expensive but I tried them on and loved how nice they fit and looked and so I gave in and wore them home.  I don’t recall how often I wore them back in the 80’s but  I do know we wore flats with them, not high heels.  Every-time there after when I would go through my clothes to give away, I would spot them but couldn’t place them in the give away bag  (as they stilled looked brand new) and besides I was no longer that weight.  I even tried that age-old trick of lying down and tugging at the zipper , but there was no way!  And so,  I put them back in my keeper’s bag thinking someday I might just wear these jeans again.

Today only 26 years later, I spotted them again and thought “why not try them on and have a good laugh at the same time?  Well no laughing,  just a big WOW!”  They fit and are as comfortable as they were back in 1986!  Now, I am wondering is it because of my years of doing yoga and Pilates that has helped me keep my younger shape, as well as being the same weight once again?

It sure does make one feel awesome and I am so thankful I didn’t give them away!  My plan is to wear them one day next week as I am curious at what the critique might be.  Perhaps,  I can be an influence/inspiration for my senior friends to see how exercise can help us stay looking and feeling good for our years.

In the meantime, I will dress appropriately for my brunch/lunch on Easter Sunday.  Something black and white they say is the latest fashion craze.  Happy Spring/Easter/Passover my friends.



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Keeping in Touch

Post it notes with email addresses and other slips of paper with names and phone numbers fill my notebook’s pocket.  I enjoy keeping in touch with people I meet on trips and they always tell me so do I.  But each of us has different life styles and time frames and by my not working,  I have the most free time.   This somehow triggers me to be the first to contact someone I would like to know more about and so I send a cheerful e-mail and a tidbit or two to refresh their memory (not that I am unforgettable or maybe I might be) and wait for a reply.  Now how long does one wait for a reply before we assume maybe it went into their spam folder and resend or just wait?  I don’t want to seem pushy nor desperate but how long is too long?

It reminds me of my dating years when a guy would say thank you I had a good time, I will call you and you know it is not going to happen.  Why do we say something that we know we have no intention of doing or taking someone’s address knowing they don’t like to keep in touch nor do they have the time?   In my opinion, a little honesty goes a long way and saves you from embarrassment disappointment and hurt feelings.   So what are your feelings on keeping in touch!

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Vegan or Veggie

After a week of hearing lectures and seeing photos plus looking at menus describing what my dinner choices were.  I decided to eat the same way I have been and counting my blessings that my way is working well for me.    Not one speaker could give me a handwritten signed guarantee that their way was the only way to live life healthier and longer.

Some of the speakers were young enough to be my children and really don’t have the full scoop on ‘what makes up being healthy.”   Just a college degree and some cooking classes with natural organic food doesn’t make it gospel truth in my opinion.

A handful of so-called healthy vegans (giving me the evil eye) when they spotted my spinach salad along side a slice of delicious Italian pizza looked more like they were wishing they were me.  How silly to deprive one’s self and besides they didn’t look healthy without their protein.

I don’t think  I could survive without my Greek yogurt and for the past 60 years I have eaten a cup of yogurt a day. In my opinion I would say pretty good for a senior with awesome cholesterol numbers and perfect weight and waistline.   So I applaud the Holistic Holiday for their wonderful presentation, little gifts and speakers and for giving me a week of fun sun and valuable information.  But, Ms Millie will stick to her fish-veggies-yogurt meal plan.  Here’s to my next 24 years!!!!

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Reversal of Roles

Many years ago when I worked full-time and was a single Mom of three sons I hustled and bustled while cooking cleaning shopping and keeping my boys busy with baseball, track-football whichever they preferred.   It seemed to keep them healthy and motivated and never overweight and between their homework and practice there wasn’t too much time left over to get into trouble.  I recall an older co-worker telling me that someday Ms Millie you are not going to be able to keep up with this pace.  I chuckled as I thought there is no way why I can’t go on forever racing around and getting it all done.  Well someone put the brakes on and Ms Millie realized she was no longer a young woman who could fly hoops and make pies and be a good sport all at the same time.  “Someone must have clipped my wings I thought but wouldn’t admit it to others, after all, I didn’t want confirmation of this fact nor did I want to hear (take a look in the mirror).  Somehow I knew I going to like the reflection staring back at me.”

The past two weeks have been busy with an awesome visit from my son and his wonderful wife and three of the cutest grandchildren.  I had dreamed of a million ways I was going to entertain them (even dressing up in my clown attire) to making pancakes for all.  But a slight bout with maybe the flu bug knocked me for a loop and I was down at the count and my recliner and oxygen were my companions………..I had no appetite and not much of a happy disposition but my heart was happy  just watching my babies play and interact so nicely with each other.  Maria found whatever she needed to prepare meals and take care of everyone’s needs and never griped or complained.  My son helped with all the little things I had needed to be done.  I marveled at the two of them and then realized that the reflection in the mirror  wasn’t so bad.  I just looked like Maria only a few yesterday’s ago. It is a blessing to have come this far in life and have the love and the respect and the support of the dear children you have raised.  I truly love my life as a grandmother and feel awesome that I can also wear the title great-grandmother.  All in all the reversal in roles is pretty swift.

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