Wonderful Day

I sure did miss volunteering last week with the school having a week off for the Thanksgiving Break.  Seeing Sophia today and talking about school work and her plans for the future has me excited to hear how focused she is becoming and I love her positive attitude.   We seem to have built a relationship that is becoming stronger with each visit and I look forward to her high school graduation in two years.

After our visit came to a close,  I headed to Marlowe elementary  to work with my fourth grade students that are having a difficult time with Math.  Way back when I recall, I was not an A student in Math yet I did manage to pass.  But, I never really understood Algebra and for the past weeks we have only worked on multiplication and division.  Somehow this has worked out fairly well.  But today, Kristen explained that Algebra was the culprit to be solved with five of the students.

I quickly told my five students about my dilemma and we decided we would take turns reading the problems and work it out together.  We sort of learned some basics from each other and I now have a better handle on helping my other students tomorrow.  Even “Tony remarked that he thought it was kind of neat that I admitted my lack of knowledge of algebra.” ” I smiled and replied that honesty is the best policy always!  Now I am hoping I fare as well tomorrow.

Next on my agenda was my first grade class and I had to help a student do his preliminary test to prepare for a final test on Friday.  As we sat at our table he looked so forlorn until I reassured he would do well and all he had to do was listen to the problem I read.   I could re-read it if necessary, but that was it!  He seemed to gain confidence as he filled in the bubbles for his answers and then I heard a deep sigh, as I read the last problem.  When I looked at him as he colored in the bubble, his face was  now relaxed.  He smiled as he looked at me and said “thank you Ms Millie for helping me today and I replied, it was my pleasure to help you and I know you will do well on Friday.”

And so for now I look forward to tomorrow!

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Mini Vacation

My teachers and students are happy with their week off and I am lost with all of the free time I have after doing my hour-long practice of Yoga.   It seems like only yesterday when I was hurrying and scurrying to buy all the necessary ingredients for a wonderful feast on Thanksgiving Day.  I somehow managed to work full-time shop cook and clean and still take care of my three wonderful sons.  I even baked apple and pumpkin pies besides making an attractive platter of antipasta (Genoa salami-provolone-olives-artichokes-and anchovies) for a starter.  But those were the days of every one living in one state and I loved being the hostess and never thought of it as being work.  In retrospect “I imagine my body felt it, once I sat down.”  Fortunately my nieces always helped with the dishes afterward.  And then I put everything away once they left.  Gee. those were wonderful times and I treasure the memories and the family that once was.

Fast forward to the present.  The past two years have been hit or miss and so this year my son and his wife and I will be going out to eat.   He has an early day on Black Friday and for me it will no dishes to do.  I can concentrate on shopping for Christmas and writing my holiday cards

And so to all of my wonderful readers I wish you a wonderful safe holiday.  Enjoy your families and friends and above all smile and count your blessings.  Happy Thanksgiving Day to all!

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Extra Hour of Sleep

I think I love this time of the year with its’ cooler temperatures and early evening darkness.  It seems to slow me down a little as I start to unwind from the days events.  Somehow working with the children is a fun fulfilling time for me but it is also draining as I am using my best emotional skills and above all “patience” which is mandatory when you are encouraging a child to think and either read or write or perhaps compute a math problem.   There are days when I walk slowly back to my car feeling tired but satisfied in how good it all turned out.

This weekend I get to relax and on Sunday I am traveling with the Cares Travel Group to see “Legally Blonde” at a local playhouse followed by dinner at a nearby restaurant with the group.  It is quite enjoyable riding the bus and meeting some old and new faces.   I kind of like that feeling of total relaxation plus getting that extra hour of sleep is delicious and seeing the sun rise earlier is inspiring.

And so to all my friends out there I wish you a wonderful weekend.   Whatever you do, don’t forget to smile!

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Having Fun in Costume

Last week was by far a near perfect time helping at the school.  My students are excelling and the teachers are happy with their progress.  They assured me that my being there for them week after week is so important in building their confidence.   This alone is by far the biggest complement I could receive and it just makes me feel super

I added another first grade class on Tuesdays right after I help my fourth graders with their math and times table.   They are an awesome bunch of kids that just need a little encouragement and support from an adult that cares about them.  I surprised them on Wednesday when I dressed up as Sparkles the clown for Halloween.   Their smiles alone made it worthwhile along with the shock of recognition from the teachers.  They told me I was adorable and loved my costume, makeup and red wig and orange legs.

When I returned on Friday wearing my normal attire, the little ones questioned how did I get the orange paint off my legs.  (I had on tights but didn’t tell them) I just went on describing how I scrubbed it off with soap.  They laughed and asked if I could dress up again soon and I think maybe I will.

You know it is an awesome time dressing up in costume, making a happy face and just being kooky silly and wearing bright red lipstick grinning ear to ear.   That is me!


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