Learning about Me

Someone said to me recently that I don’t give myself credit but instead point out my faults.  I always thought I showed confidence and love to give advice even when not asked for it.   So maybe this is why I tell myself I need to change my ways and listen and stop talking once in a while just to digest what the other person is saying.  I do hear them but I find I am formulating my answer while they are talking.  My cure-all the past few weeks has been my wonderful students from kindergarten-to fifth grade.  I show the little ones how to play alphabet bingo and do basic counting all while trying to memorize their names.  I don’t have time to talk and when I do, it is to explain in a nice happy voice why we act and behave in a certain way.  It is for me being a “Mommy” all over again and I adore the role.

For example the kindergarten students especially the little girls love my jewelry (costume) and colorful tops or sweaters.   The boys tell me they love my smiling eyes and I guess they see how happy they make me.   First graders find me wonderful as I help them correct their math problems and their writing with punctuation.   I put stickers with “nice job” written on it and their smiles just widen.  Children are so receptive to direction and instruction if it is given with a pleasant voice and a smile.  You can also get better results with discipline if you follow this practice.  It sure works for me and it is an asset when I help the fourth grade students that are having problems learning multiplication.   These children are not incapable of learning but their family lives are effecting their concentration levels as one family after another is breaking up.  I know now how this does hurt our children in their daily lives.  Being a single parent of three I didn’t realize at the time (with all the craziness of working full time-maintaining a household) the seriousness of my children learning under duress.

Now more than ever I want to volunteer extra hours and give so many kids that need a grown up in their life that cares about them.  I think if I were to win a lottery or power ball, I would definitely adopt and hire loving people that would help our children learn and have clear heads to learn.   Children need to be smiling more and having the security knowing there is someone at home that cares and loves them.   I am so happy that in my retirement years I have found the joy, patience and love to help the students in my community.

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Setting an Example

How do we teach our children to listen and learn?  I seem to recall my parents telling me to do as I say, not as I do.   If we try to follow our candidates debates and not lose confidence in the honor system, one could learn how to debate and perhaps win votes for the best person qualified.  From all I have heard and seen,  it is truly disheartening not only for me as a woman but that I am also a  senior dependent on my earned Social Security and pension.   I worked thirty plus years as a single parent with out help from anyone or any system.  It is embarrassing to see how two grown educated men are tearing each other apart and I am the point of thinking I might relinquish my right to vote this year.  We need to change how we show our qualifications without ripping the other person apart.   We need to have plans in place and not just words repeated over and over.   There are jobs that some people will not take because they feel they are worth more but when you are hungry and have bills, every bit helps.  So pride should not play a part in the equation and any candidate in my opinion that has lived a life of luxury can not empathize with us middle class folks that need a budget or perhaps food stamps (because of unforeseen circumstances) and medicare.

We have one more debate and my hope is there will be some drastic change in how it is handled and perhaps by sheer miracle we get a clear picture and plan.  I am a true believer of miracles.  How about you?

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The Memorable 70’s

I have spent my Saturday catching up straightening closets and sorting what I need and don’t need and haven’t used in ages.  As I do this I have the 70’s music on the Bright House network and it seems my life was pretty cool back in those days.   In the earlier part of the seventies I had just started working full-time and had become a single parent of three awesome children (all boys) and although it was hectic I was able to manage it all with minimum stress.  (I believe my age had a lot to do with it).  So many wonderful songs were playing then and it seemed that some told of a love story that had not survived and some that did with words so poignant and memorable that hearing it play on the radio still brings memories to the surface.

“The Way We Were” sung by Barbra Streisand who by the way is now back on the concert stage has prompted some serious flashbacks of wonderful moments along with her rendition of  “Memories” that always manages to bring a tear or two along with the memories of some awesome people who were in my life, once upon a time.  There are many more songs to trigger those memories and lots of good beats to dance to.  Personally I think “the seventies was the great decade of music with many genre’s for all.”

So much for closets and stuff, I had a great afternoon just reliving forty years of my incredible life.

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Some of my Favorites R

I have to come to learn that what makes me happy has no monetary cost……..

The ingredients are simple and easy to come by in all shapes and sizes and ages, too.  For example when I open a classroom door and see the welcome smiles on the children’s faces, this is awesome.  Just knowing that my presence is helping the student and the teacher is gratifying in itself.  Now that my family is grown, I believe I am missing the very ones that needed me “once upon a time.”  And so I venture out seeking others that perhaps need my help and lend an ear or hand, and it has actually become a “mutual need fulfill” relationship for all.

In addition to this it also inspires me to find other ways to help in my community.  For example having a sixteen year old appreciate my coming to mentor and help to guide her through her high school years is another feel good emotion.  I only wish in my earlier years ( I had someone to lead me) and have the time to listen to my dreams and aspirations.  Perhaps this is why I try so hard to do good for our children.

I bought a new calendar the other day that says “The best things in life are not things” and I totally agree.   My best things in life are people-little people-big people-people with open arms and soft voices and kind hearts.  These are some of my favorites.   What R yours?

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