Making a Difference

It seems I have found my happy place to be and although it is not my all time favorite like dancing it is running a close second.  The past three and half weeks I have given about 40 hours to being a mentor for a sixteen year old-helping children from ages 5-11 with word recognition and counting to listening to a child read and answer quizzes.  One afternoon a week I am a receptionist at an office that handles foster care and this can be a sad few hours as I witness first hand families being torn apart and children being separated for one reason or another.  Although I am only answering the phones and opening mail it still stuns you when you hear and see the drama and know it is not a movie.

My happy moments and hours are with the little ones who just love everything about me just because I am there for them.  They automatically give you their hearts and trust plus they notice my earrings, my nail polish.    So this is a “feel good time as I am doing good for our children and I can see the difference it makes for our teachers and the students, too.”  I think if I were younger with more energy than I now own, I would be there every day of the week.  But for now I will continue my schedule and love the smile that I wear every day.


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Making A Difference


Here I am again……….Brand new school year and lots of new teachers and children at my favorite place.  It is mind-blowing that this is my ninth year at Marlowe Elementary feeling so comfortable with the staff.  It is a typical family atmosphere especially when I walk around the grounds and my little ones from past years (all grown up it seems) are waving or mouthing a quiet hello as they change classes.   Lucky for them if it is a teacher that knows me as silence is the norm (but if it is a new teacher) I just explain quickly and it is o.k.  It is kind of nice to have a little clout and I sure don’t want any of them to be in trouble.  Presently I have so many cute kindergarten kids in addition to first and fourth grade kids to keep me on my toes.  Especially fourth grade Math-that is ancient for my mind.   And so I checked Google and found some sites to bring me up to par and be able to answer a question without embarrassing my self.


My schedule thus far is Wednesdays and Fridays from 9-3 with a break for lunch.  I have put my Friday yoga class on the back burner for now as I feel the children need me more.  Just like my Tuesday mornings with Sophia who is now 16 and a junior in high school.   It is spectacular and an honor being a mentor for her.  She has become an excellent student and I am hoping the next years will culminate with her high school graduation and myself in the audience watching her receive her diploma..

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Love affair with Skype

From here to up North in a click of a key and “viola” who should appear?  The cutest prettiest little girl in the world named Maria Helena (Mia).   If not for the Skype technology I would not be able to sing nursery rhymes and make funny faces and sounds and have her wave and smile and see the recognition on her face.   She shows me by her hand movement when she wants me to sing it again (no spoken words yet).  After all, she is only fifteen and half months but I am betting she will be talking way before her second birthday.

Mia has beautiful dark eyes and puffy little cheeks that you just want to squeeze and kiss. And yesterday she was wearing a pretty green dress that appeared to have little red apples on it and her hair had a clap pinning her hair out of her eyes on one side.  I am so in love with my grand-daughter because she not only makes me feel joy in my heart but she also creates a happiness that creates a song and dance type feeling.   Who could ask for more?

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Remembering a Loved One

As we marched into the auditorium on a Sunday afternoon ( just a mere sixty years ago) I recall the music playing in the background and teared up to the beautiful lyrics of You Will Never Walk alone. This was my high school graduation and my Dad was in the audience along with other family members.  Being musicals were big in the movies and on stage during 1950’s they all seem to have had lyrics that you remember for a lifetime.  My Daddy who passed in 1963 had instilled in me at a young age that we are never alone.and to not be afraid to just look ahead.  The song and the thoughts of Daddy today are so clear as he would be celebrating his birthday on Sept 5th just two days away.  I sure do miss him and his wise ways and love.

It would be so wonderful if I could just hug and give him a big kiss on his cheek..   You know I loved being daddy’s little girl and will treasure these memories forever.   One thing is for sure  ” I will never walk alone as he is right by my side leading me!”

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