Bye Debby Hello Isaac

It is just about two months since our last deluge of rain and soaked roadways caused by the tropical storm Debby.  It was the first time I would see water in my street and the entrance flooded.  Fortunately,  there was no damage to anyone’s home but just the inconvenience itself was draining.   I stayed two days at my son’s home that was not effected by the storm but this time around, the impending storm/hurricane Isaac may cause bigger problems because of our already saturated roads.  Some areas are still having drainage problems and for that reason alone we will probably have to leave or just stay put.  Joe is on standby to pick me up on Sunday for when?   My overnight bag is ready and so are my goodies in a tote along with my reading materials.

I am thinking I will pretend it is a mini–vacation with the hope that Isaac will come and go quickly and not leave any damage anywhere!

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Mixed Emotions

Tomorrow is back to school for our students here in Pasco County and I am happy that in another week or so I will start my 10th year of volunteering at my favorite school.  It will be the cutest 6-7  year old children eager to learn to read and write among other subjects.   It is a heart-felt experience helping a child to feel confident and to know people care about them away from home, too.  This is my happy time!

On Wednesday past as I read the town newspaper I noticed the photo of the inside of the Richey Suncoast theater (the auditorium so to speak) and the article stated that my dear friend Charlie Skelton had passed away on July 4.  He was the manager of the theater for several years and always had a smile on his face as he handled the ticket sales and never ever lost his cool.   He handled people like diamonds and always had your best interests at heart.   His wife Marie is the choreographer and the behind the scenes woman of many talents.   How very sad for her to lose her husband and her best friend but I am confident the community will help her get through the rough times.   For me I cry every time I see his face flash before my eyes and I know come September when I go to the opening show,  it will be a three handkerchief afternoon as we will all miss seeing our Charlie up at the podium welcoming everyone and telling his few jokes.   This is my sad emotion!

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Seven and a Half Decades

This title reminds me of my last birthday back in December when I thought 75 sounded old but even more so when someone in my family remarked it was three-quarters of a century.  I definitely did not care for that at all.  My wonderful younger son said “hey Mom, how about Seven and a half decades”?  I laughed then as I am now thinking that 75 and a half years ago I came into this wonderful world.  It has been a roller coaster a see-saw of emotions and many learning experiences that have brought me to today.  Having the joy of bringing three wonderful sons in to my life and seeing them grow into awesome men and human beings is pretty spectacular to me.

In addition to this happening just the experience itself of having eight wonderful grand-children ranging in age from 30-14 months is very special.   I know from many of my acquaintances that do not have children or grand-children in their life how blessed I am.   Add to this equation are my two great grand-children ages 11 and eight and so it is no wonder why I love volunteering,  especially with children.  All I want to do is share my happiness and experience with all of them!

It would be awesome to make two and half more decades and dream about how much more I could give, but that is not up to me.  Somewhere, I believe my number lies in the book of life and I plan to make it a day-to-day journey of love and caring for others that makes them happy and productive, too.

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