Tropical Storm Debby

My home has a skylight that I love because of the brightness it adds to my kitchen area without turning on a light.  On the rare occasions of a cloudy day and naturally at night I turn on the lights but its one negative feature is the rain as it beats on the glass.  I usually hear the little patter of drops when it is drizzling but once the heavy rains start it is deafening and can get on one’s nerves.  Carolyn and Ted my dear next door neighbors have to keep opening their door and walk outside under the car port with their adorable dog Quincy as it makes him jittery.  I don’t know if it hurts a dog’s ears but what I do know is three days of rain,  has made us all a little short-tempered.

When I awoke Sunday morning it was pouring but the roadway was clear and so I ventured out to the 11:15 class of Ashtanga Yoga.   My friend Linda and I stopped at our favorite restaurant for their spectacular Greek omelets after an awesome class.  We ate and chatted and then headed for home and as I walked in the pouring rain to my automobile, my mind wandered back to my girlhood days in the city. I had loved to jump in the puddles and splash around and I thought of how perfect  it would be here in Florida with its warm 80 degrees.  But then I recalled a promise I made to myself about not taking any more chances since my fall a few months ago.  And so I won’t relive my childhood by puddle jumping, but the idea was tempting for sure.

I arrived home a few minutes later and listened to the weather report stating the rain would not be stopping anytime soon and to listen for tornado warnings.   Now I don’t think I got  nervous until around 4 p.m, when I opened my front door facing my driveway and for the first time in seventeen years my road filled with water.  The overflow coming on to the driveways made me uncomfortable.  What if it continued to rise?  Do I stay or go?  We decided to wait it out for a while.

We had always  been told to carry flood insurance because the Anclote River was nearby,  but I never thought it would overflow and from where?   My neighbors were out side and Ted called out to me “come see the fish  in the street.”  As I looked for my flip-flops (as I am always barefoot in the house) I chuckled and thought Ted is kidding me.   But he wasn’t as he pointed out the two or three fish lying in the water.   I wanted to find something to put them in, but the idea didn’t stay as I thought “how would they survive? ” It left me feeling sad and helpless.

We spend the next couple of hours going on Facebook and checking in with friends who also had damage from the winds and overflowing pools.  Some found frogs looking for safety and one neighborhood had an alligator walking across the road.  When I finally fell asleep to the raindrops beating on the skylight, I dreamed of sunshine and sure enough when my eyes opened this morning, it was a half sunny sky.   I quickly opened my front door and peeked out  and surprise, the street was almost dry (almost like magic the flood water receded to where I don’t know, but it was gone.)     Maybe it would be a normal Monday and with luck  the Yoga studio would have classes. (Am I committed or what?)  I called the studio and they were open.  I was happily on my way.

Debby our tropical storm is raising havoc in another area and once again I am counting my blessings for being safe and dry and so are my friends and neighbors.  And to my fellow yogi’s Namaste!!

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Summer Time

My goodness this month is almost over and it seems like it has just begun.   Having a love of astrology and seeing first hand how compatible I am with certain signs of the zodiac I came to realize just how many Gemini’s there are in my family.  It started with my long-term friend  Clint born on  June 3-followed by my yoga and Pilates friend Linda on June 10 and my nephew in  New York on the eleventh of June followed by Anthony my great grand-son on the 13th and Joey becoming a teenager on the eighteenth.   My youngest grand-daughter a year old born on May 26 the same day as my oldest sister Jo.

In between I have two good friends Anne on the 16th of June and Michelle on the 22nd which I believe is the cusp but none the less she is  a sweetheart to me!  The Gemini’s seem to be happy-go-lucky folks with positive outlooks on life and our relationships seem to thrive more than others.  That is not to say the other astrological signs are not as good I simply have more Gemini’s to make this comparison and I do feel blessed to have them in my life.

By the way today is the first day of summer and it is also the longest day of the year with the most daylight hours.  This is the equinox and starting tomorrow we lose a minute a day of daylight, hence we head towards fall and then winter but hold on,  we have a long ways to go till then.  Let’s enjoy the sun and fun that summertime can bring!!

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What happened to “Thank you?”

I think the dictionary should start deleting seldom used words.  For example those two little ones that pack a punch and lift your spirits, those words that light up your life when you hear, thank you!   Why is it so difficult to say or write thank you, to tell someone you love the card, their gift , the happy feeling you felt when you received their present, their hard-earned money?

Why with all of today’s technology, does it not happen?  And for those of us who do the right thing, we are well aware that it takes a short five minutes to make a phone call leave a message-text-email and even find time to jot a quick note.

Can someone help me understand the reasoning behind this lack of appreciation the disregard of proper etiquette?

I just wonder if it only happens in my family or is this the norm for today’s world?






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Loving my Banana Bracelet

Approximately twenty-one years ago my two-year old grand-daughter named me Nana Banana and the name has stuck as far as my grandchildren go.  Sometimes they shorten it and call me “banana” and I just love it!  To my surprise at a family party last week. my sweet great-grandson Anthony handed me a silver stretch bracelet with yellow bananas hanging from it and wished me a “Happy Mothers Day Banana.”  As I hugged and thanked this wonderful little boy I could feel my eyes dampen as it brought to mind a song from years back titled “Little Things Mean A lot and  for me “I have always  felt that I had no need for diamonds or pearls but just the simple thoughtful gestures of love and sincerity would suffice.”

I have worn this delightful fun bracelet all week and I am so much enjoying the wonderful comments from friends and teachers about how cute this bracelet is.  Even at my doctor visit yesterday, they smiled as I related the background story to the yellow bananas.

Thank you Anthony for thinking of your Nana Banana and your love means the world to me. And to my grand-daughter Désirée thank you for passing the name on.

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