First Birthday for Maria Helena

Her first birthday is next month
Her first birthday is next month

WOW!  Today my eyes opened to the first birthday for Maria Helena my pretty amazing grand-daughter circled on my calendar.  It sure seems like only a few short months ago, I held this cute little baby in my loving arms. But a few days ago, I had the privilege of seeing first hand how big Mia has grown and how careful she is taking five or six steps but making sure she has something to reach out to for when she might lose her balance.

It is so spectacular to witness as a grand-parent with my eyes “wide open” without any distractions.   I believe as a first time parent and even the second or third,  that we do see what is happening and we do remember,  but it doesn’t totally register simply because of all the other pressing moments and things we need to do.  It is only glimpses and fragments  of these precious happenings.  Yet for this proud grand-parent,  I can totally appreciate these magical happenings with open eyes.  “I can even hear it register not only in my mind but in my heart.  This is my time of life enjoying the now.”

And so to my son Darrin and wife Maria, continue to be amazed with your daughters’ achievements each hour of every day.  “Time flies even faster when you reach my age but the recall is extraordinary.”

Happy Birthday Mia.

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From One to Eighty One

On the 26th of May my newest grand-daughter Mia will celebrate her first birthday and joining her will be my sister Jo having her 81st birthday.  It seems like only yesterday that we were awaiting Mia’s birth and here we are today watching her as she has grown so beautifully.  I haven’t seen her since December so I know I am in for a wonderful treat seeing her next Sunday.  There has been chatter from her Mom that she has attempted 8-10 steps  and then nothing but I am hoping she is saving the rest for her Nana’s visit.  Then I will be there to catch her if she falls and dry her little tears.

In either case it will be wonderful as I fly up on Saturday and pick up my grandson Joey who will become a teenager in June.   He will spend a few days with us and go to the party on Sunday for my brother’s birthday.   Frank is only a young seventy and he is still working and enjoying his life.

At the end of this day I will be heading for the city where I will spend three or four days with Darrin and Maria and my other three grandchildren and let’s not forget about Sam the dog and Bonkers the cat who add to this wonderful family.  Although I enjoy solitude primarily, it seems to me that I love the craziness of the busy household and sort of miss this stage of life.  And isn’t it ironic,that when we are going through it, we are thinking and feeling it is too much?   But somehow we do “amazingly” get through it all and then some!

I guess I am at the stage of life where I can see where I have been and how much I have accomplished.  “And then I ponder, how much more I can do in the future?  Gee, if only half as much, I know I would appreciate and enjoy every minute.”

So here’s to a marvelous weekend of family fun and festivities and lots of laughter and most of all-lots of hugs and kisses.

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Thinking About Dates and Happenings

Growing up and looking forward to Mother’s Day was always fun as my Mom’s birthday was May 13 and for many years it fell on Mother’s Day too.  Being money was very limited in those days of my youth, one tiny gift might be all I was able to save for and this would cover both celebrations.  We had Woolworth, a huge store that sold everything but food and Kresge’s that wasn’t as large but also carried knickknacks and other goods.  There I knew I would be able to find for just a nickel or dime something  so nice, Mom would love .  Besides that my Dad had instilled in us the concept “that it wasn’t the cost but the thought that counts”.

This Sunday Mom would have been 102 and she would be wearing a smile from ear to ear, so happy  that her birthday fell on a holiday.  My wish is that I feel her love shining down on me.   Happy Birthday Mom and Happy Mother’s Day too.  I miss you Mom with all my heart…

Love your baby daughter,


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Super Moon

Today is Cinco de Mayo the fifth of May and I just happen to love the number as it seems to follow me in home addresses, birth dates and anniversaries.  My great grand-daughter has turned eleven today and it seems like only yesterday when she was born and now in just two more years she will become a teenager.

It has  become clear that time is of the essence and I am trying to appreciate every day and every one that is in my life.   This week with the approaching full moon I am more aware of my emotions and feelings and now I understand why.  This time they are calling it a super full moon that will be very visible to the naked eye around 8 p.m.up in the Florida sky.  At 11:35 the weather man promised it would be even closer and I plan to capture it with my camera.

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