Bouncing on Your Bottom

You would think that someone in my age bracket would be very careful about doing things that might create an injury.  But lo and he hold ( I must have thought or not thought) that  I was younger than Springtime this past Monday afternoon.   The luncheon I was attending had limited parking and so I parked closer to the street but had to walk around a narrow walkway that was also bumpy and on a slight incline.   I  made it into the dining area and enjoyed the usual banter with people I hadn’t since last years recognition luncheon for volunteers.   We had a nice lunch and enjoyed and applauded the winners of the awards for Outstanding Volunteer of the year.  I said my good byes “see you next year” and headed for the parking lot…

I was doing good and decided I didn’t have to walk all the way around the walkway perhaps, I could walk up the incline that wasn’t too high.   So there I went as I placed one leg up I could feel my self-wobbling and starting  to topple.  As there was nothing for me to grab I think I turned my body to protect my head  from the pavement and bounced on my bottom twice.   A nice couple ran to me and asked if I was dizzy or if I had felt any breaks.  They then helped me carefully to my feet and walked me to my car.  It was when I went to sit that I could feel my whole bottom tingling and sore,  but I felt calm enough to drive the short distance home.

As I gingerly stepped out of my car I wobbled to the front door thankful there was no one around.  Once inside I headed for my closet where I keep my heating pad and plugged it in next to my recliner where I stayed for an hour.  I continued this for the rest of the evening while thinking how lucky I was but how very foolish of me to attempt what I did. I sometimes think that because I practice yoga, I have unbelievable balance.  And although it may have prevented me from a more serious injury, where o’ where was my common sense?

It is no wonder they say ”seniors have the most falls every day and maybe it’s because we don’t think we can’t do it, so why not?    I could have broken a hip an arm a leg and so I am thankful but I am not sure of my tailbone or pelvis……I will be checking with my doctor tomorrow….

I know Ms Millie is not going to try any more shortcuts in the future.

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New Writers Group

Being a writer of sorts I am always looking for others like myself that enjoy putting our thoughts on paper.   When I visited the library last week I glanced at the upcoming activities taking place and a writers group caught my eye…..They had their first meeting two weeks ago and were meeting again on Thursday afternoons at 2:30 and so this is where I headed today.   There were six of us including me and it seemed we all instantly meshed as we said our hello’s.   The premise of the group was to write about our lives our families our hopes and dreams and then share it with the group.   We would not critique but just be a good listener.   Marie had a wonderful experience that had happened to her mother and aunt when they had lived in an apartment up North.   This ghostly experience they told her was true and so the story continues in Marie’s family.  Next to read was Cathy who told us about her 60 year marriage and life with her husband and children.   Paquino the only male in our group was adorable as he read his writing on the first time he traveled on New York’s subway system.  He did know the English language nor did he know anyone else.   Somehow, unknown to him there were relatives waiting to pick him up at the subway stop.  He is originally from Cuba but lived in Italy for a long time and plans to write about his times spent in these countries..  I know he is going to have some great material to share with us.

The others did not have any writings and I just brought my notebook , (but I plan on bringing a few of my favorite postings) to share with the group at our next meeting.   It was a  wonderful afternoon and I look forward to hearing some more wonderful stories along with their names and where they are from.  It was a joy to meet new people that are not only nice but interesting too.

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Radio Shows From the Past

Five o’clock on a Sunday evening many years ago, I recall my family gathering in the living room or parlor as we knew it waiting for the broadcast of the radio show called “The Shadow.”  I don’t recall how long the broadcast was, but I am thinking maybe a half hour including advertising.  But what stands out in my memory was the eerie voice of the announcer that sometimes sounded mysterious and a little frightening to my young ears.

And so today as I read the newspaper seeing the write-up on The Shadow making a comeback along with the Flash Gordon series I smiled……This is wonderful that the happy moments of sixty-five years ago are having a comeback.   The only difference I see is that back then families had no problem meeting at a designated place and time to enjoy family time together…..It would be a wonderful thing if this could happen in this hectic stressful lifestyle of today.and it just might create that old-fashioned time together once again.

In my book, ” all good things deserve a repeat performance.”  Don’t you agree?  I hope so!!!!


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Springtime is Here

I just love the time change and with the above average temperatures it feels like the middle of summer.  We  actually broke a record on  Wednesday with a high of 87.   Just hope this isn’t a precedent for a long hot summer.  When I see the devastation on the news of people losing their homes and all of their belongings it is see what tornadoes and hurricanes can do.  Will we face a greater chance this year because of the fluctuations in temperatures?  Hopefully we will all fare well and just enjoy the bright sunshine and a warm spring…..Happy St Patrick’s Day to those celebrating and enjoy your corned beef and cabbage……..

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My Peaceful Abode

Variety they say is the “spice of life” and I always try to mix a little of this and a little of that just so I don’t get in a rut.  But I have found that if I do this with half of a heart I should not do it at all.

In the past six months of volunteering I sacrificed my little ones in first grade for taking time to volunteer at the new hospital.   This was a big mistake as the teachers and my students love and treat me like a Queen.   I don’t have to pretend or act,  I can just be myself.   My green tea is in my safe carry cup if I need to quench my thirst and I can also leave when I want with no strict hours or rules.  (After all I am giving of my free time and loving every minute, so why would I change the routine?)

Yesterday, after a good nights sleep I decided to visit my classroom just to say a quick hello to my wonderful eighteen kids…But once the door handle turned I could see some of the children’s’ eyes look  as I stepped in.   Wow its Ms Millie!  They were so curious about how I felt and showed their feelings with hugs.   Between Julie and the children I was feeling pretty special knowing they missed me and wanted me in their room.

It was right there I decided that my volunteer hours will be only for the children and no one else.   It has brought me years of joy and fulfillment (since 2003) so why try to change a good thing?   I always leave the classroom with a happy spring to my step accompanied by a happy heart and a huge smile on my face.   This is peace harmony and a feeling of bliss.