Writers Block

As much as I love putting pen to paper and sharing my feelings and happenings I have reached a crossroads in my life. So much so that it has become overwhelming for me trying to sort it all out.   In addition I would love being a supportive figure to a loved one but find my self emotionally shut down.

My wish is to have it all on paper but I guess this freeze is what they call “writer’s block.”  All I can do at this time is promise you that as soon as  it lifts, my fingers will clicking away  as I share once again my life’s happenings.

Please bear with me just  a  while longer my faithful readers and before you know it, I will be back!

Thank you for your support and comments.  Ms Millie

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Chilly Weather in Sunny Florida

Wow!  I looked at my thermometer twice this morning,  just to be sure my eyes were not playing tricks on me.  And lo and behold it was only thirty six degrees on my weather vane.    It was only a few days ago that I needed to turn on the air-conditioner and now the heat is on.  Being Florida’s homes do not have the insulation to retain the heat it cost more to run the heat versus the air-conditioner.  I am hoping for a quick warm up.




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Pre-Super Bowl

I know my three sons will be harvesting their goodies for Super Bowl festivities tomorrow.  I also know there will be lots of cheering as they win with a magnificent touchdown. This is my prediction only because I don’t have a crystal ball.  But it is always fun to guess at the outcome, don’t you think?

Their dad was a die-hard N.Y. Giants fan and so are they, along with my four grandsons.   So one might think Ms Millie is also a fan of football, but I never acquired a taste for the sport.  But as kids, I was there to take them to all of their football practices and games. And I was there to cheer them on, win or lose.  All three sons attended football camp and my youngest son Darrin won “the player with the most heart award”. I was so proud. These are some fantastic memories of days gone by. Seems like only yesterday.

And so Super Bowl Sunday will be just like any other Sunday, except that all of my regular planned shows will be on hiatus for a week.  Thank goodness for the digital recording devices we have today.  This means I will be able to watch my recorded shows while flipping the channel to see the score and a peek at the half time show.

I also know in my heart of hearts that I will be rooting for my home team.  I just happen to love the sunny warmer days of Florida more.

Go Giants, go!  And make my family happy.

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