Love Blooms in Brooklyn

Two years have passed since this awesome couple said their wedding vows.  And it was one of the coldest days that winter with frigid temperatures.  But somehow their love then and now has warmed everyone’s hearts.  It is truly a magical experience being in their home as a guest an onlooker and being able to view the tenderness the loving ways they treat one another and their children.

Personally,  I admit I was a trifle envious that I missed out on this kind of relationship but witnessing this happiness and euphoria for my son and his wife is wonderful.

True love is real and it blooms in Brooklyn…Happy Anniversary!

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The Singing Grandma

I just love singing Happy Birthday to my family via telephone!

Everyone in my family lives out-of-state, except for one relative.  As soon as they pick up the phone, I start my singing and end it with a birthday message.  My sisters and brother have all commented favorably, and my grandchildren love it!

Perhaps it is the surprise (because I sure don’t have a great singing voice), but I do try to sound happy and playful.  I feel people in general love to feel special and what better time to do this?

When my seven-year old grandson heard my singing message on the answering machine this past Sunday, I’m told he started dancing!  How fun is that?!  It brought a big smile to my face and it felt great!

I think little 7 y/o Sam has convinced me to continue being the singing grandma.

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New Appliances

I have been lucky for the past 16 years with my Sears Kenmore appliances and will be sad to see them picked up next week.  My washer has sprung a leak and the dryer has lost its heating element.  After ordering my new washer and dryer on-line my water heater decided to join the other two and stop making hot water.  Lucky for me I have an awesome plumber that can buy and install one within a day’s time, and so Adam is here now with his two helpers doing just this.  I can look forward to a hot bath/shower later today.

They tell me I have been fortunate to have appliances last this long without repairs. Can I be this lucky second time around?  It sure would be nice especially with the high prices of new ones with a zillion choices of basic washing.  I only use the permanent press, delicate and cold water and my clothes look and smell clean.   So here’s to another ten years and I will be thankful.

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The Rain of Rains

I woke up today so excited to be visiting the first graders this afternoon.  The weather person promised a must need shower after a few weeks of no precipitation at all.  And so I was not surprised to see the cloudy skies and hear a sprinkle or two on my skylight.   I busied myself with some need to do chores and then started to get ready for the drive to school.

It seemed out of nowhere that a burst of thunder sounded with torrential rains following it.   As I watched the clock tick off the minutes I  hoped it would stop as fast as it had started.   That is so typical of Florida weather (it rains buckets for five or ten minutes and then it stops with the sun peeking through and the streets almost dry) but this didn’t seem to be happening.  At times it looked like it were raining sideways and if anything my windows were getting a free much-needed cleaning.

I have learned that trying to see on the roads during the heavy rains is treacherous.  It is almost like they have magic brakes and wipers in addition to x-ray vision.  And so Ms Millie knew it was not going to happen today and hoped that Friday would bring our beautiful Florida sunshine back and guide me to my little ones.

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Back to School

I am probably the only one happy that school is back in session on Tuesday.  I am sure the teachers had a good rest and the kids are still having fun playing with their holiday toys but for me it was just a tad too long.  When you are working and running a household plus raising three active boys,  you cherish one day off.  But I find retirement to be boring at times with too many hours of nothing interesting to do and not enough diverse people to converse with.

This is probably why I enjoy being at the school helping my young friends learn about words and numbers and becoming a social person.   They seem to inspire me and also give me the boost of energy that I need to make my day fulfilled.  Just a few minutes ago I spoke with my little grand-daughter Meg who is celebrating her fifth birthday and I told her I would love to be five again and she giggled.  The joy of hearing a child laugh is awesome and I wish I could be there tomorrow with all of her little friends having cupcakes and ice-cream and watch her blow out her six candles.

Gee I wonder what her wish might be?  I know that wishes do come true sometimes and so I will be keeping my fingers crossed that Megs’ wishes will too.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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