Eight Hours and Counting

As I type this last post for 2011 it brings to mind the wonders of how the time just seems to fly by.  Earlier this year we had a countdown for my grand-daughters wedding slated for June 5.   It has come and gone and she was a beautiful bride with a charming handsome groom and they seem to be madly in love like all newly weds should be.  My son Darrin a newly wed himself  and his wife were waiting for their first-born to be entering this world sometime in June.   Little Maria Helen did in fact enter on May 26th at 6 lbs at 1:02 p.m and she is Ms Millie’s eight grandchild.   I am just thrilled and thankful and Darrin is overjoyed.  Somehow in my heart of hearts,  I always knew he would be a great father in addition to be an awesome husband and it shows right up front, when you see him playing changing or just holding his daughter Mia (for short).   Life is good.

A few weeks back I turned 75 which sounds a little old but I read somewhere that today’s 70’s woman is like the old 60,  so I will keep bouncing around with my young attitude and doing my yoga practices just so I can walk like a younger person with a spring in my step and keep my balance, too.

My goals for 2012 are to help more children with their academics, encourage other seniors about how beneficial exercise is and  how it should become a mandatory part of one’s day.

To enjoy each day as if it were my last.  Compliment a stranger.  Smile and say hi to a person on a checkout line and be sure to hold a door. And above all to all of my readers and friends,  I wish you the very best of New Years.  I will be toasting my self at midnight as I watch my traditional Dick Clark in Times Square do the count-down.  No snow this year..but just a little brisk

…..Hey there———-Happy New Year.

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Happy Holidays

Spent a wonderful Christmas Day chatting on the phone with relatives and friends and then left with my son and wife for a three o’clock reservation at Niko’s restaurant.  We had enjoyed their ambiance two years ago and thought it worth a try once again.

We ordered our beverages while mulling over the menu choices and I decided on the pork roast with baked sweet potato and filled my plate with healthy veggies from the salad bar and a small bowl of chicken orzo soup while waiting for my dinner.  Joe ordered Prime Rib and his wife Chanipa chose the Roast duck with sides.   With our glasses held high we toasted each other and then dove into our salads.  It seemed that we all loved our choices as our plates were clean.   When the waiter approached to ask about desserts, we all declined even though the choices were tempting.  Our tummies were full and we loved our choice of returning to Niko’s.

We headed for the 4:50 showing of  the Sherlock Holmes movie that Joe chose for us to see.  I found the movie to be enjoyable with some cute scenes but nothing resembling the Sherlock Holmes I remember. But then again-nothing is and besides the movies I do recall were in black/white.

Yikes! That is ages ago.

Here’s hoping your holiday was as happy as mine.

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Two Week Break

How about twenty of the cutest faces with reindeer hats and red cherry noses greeting me as I entered the classroom today!   They all asked if I liked their hats and cute noses. With a big smile on my face I spoke aloud and said, “I think Santa would love to have all of you helping him to pull the sleigh, loaded with toys and presents for everyone but only if they had been good.”   Ms Millie we were all good they chanted, and so I thought I would share the stocking saga from my childhood years.   “I mentioned hanging my Christmas stocking and hoping it would be filled with goodies and penny candies but if I had been bad there would only be pieces of coal.   The widened eyes and open mouths just for a moment was priceless as I went on to explain I never really heard that any of my friend’s stockings were filled with coal.”

In retrospect, it was just a ploy to get us to be good.  And it seemed to work as I never did receive any coal.

It was time for the party to end and as I handed a decorated candy cane to each child I also wished them a very Merry Holiday.  I added that I would miss them and they seemed to like that as they wished me a very Merry Christmas and a thank you in return.  It is one of the best feelings for me helping these children and it just makes me so very happy.

For me it will be two long weeks, but not for the teachers and students.  January 9 2012 will be a great start to the New Year for Ms Millie.

Happy Holidays to all…………

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Young at Heart

Tomorrow will mark the first week into my 75th year and I marvel at the disbelief each time I say it.  Maybe because when I was all of sixteen my friend Ellen and I teased about being 30 and thought we would be old.  The forties would bring wrinkles, Oxford’s and old lady house-dresses and by the time the fifties rolled around we would be considered ancient.  Ironically Patti a good friend from my high school days reminded me only last week in an email that we had managed to live three-quarters of a century.

“When I first read it I chuckled and yet after a while I seemed to have second thoughts as it seemed to portray me as a relic or a museum piece, perhaps even a has been.  It amazed me to believe how a few choice words could play havoc with ones outlook on life.”  Mainly mine!

When I arrived in New York and sat with my son and family over a cup of coffee I casually mentioned it to him for his reaction. Well he said “Mom how about seven and half decades, how does that sound to you?  This he said nonchalantly with a grin on his handsome face.”

I decided that the numeric 75 fits me the best as I  have always felt younger than my years and as silly as a school girl.

You see, Ms Millie still loves to blush and feel the patter of a racing heart.

And so my plan is to sing and dance all the way to a couple of more decades.   Then I might consider being over the hill!!

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Yoga and BJ Make for a Perfect Day

Talk about an awesome way to start a week . Let me fill you in on my glorious Monday.

It started at 10 with a brand new instructor teaching our  Yoga class and her name is Linda.  She has an easy way of explaining the moves and poses and all of the modifications that can be done for the newbies.   I enjoyed the background music she chose,  to help me fine tune and zone out for an hour while stretching and toning my balance and quieting my mind.   This prepared me for a healthy lunch and then I was off to meet my travel group of thirty who were excited to be seeing B.J. Thomas in the cultural center in Largo.  For those who don’t know or recall his hit songs to name a few:

1.  Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head,

2.  Hooked on a Feeling

3 . I’m So Lonesome I could Cry  (and I did cry) but not from loneliness but for past memories some better than others.

Somehow I didn’t recall seeing a  photograph of  him which left me clueless as to what his appearance might be.  Yet, I always imagined if his appearance matched his sexy voice,  he had to be a knockout.   Well, I was blown away by his B.J.’s appearance as he is not only slim trim and nicely dressed but he also has a dynamic persona and an awesome sense of humor.   After 35 or more years his voice is still romantic and warm.  He made my heart skip a beat or two, just like it does every time I hear him sing.

Talk about celebrating a new week in a special way this was the creme de la creme.  My kind of living the perfect day!

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