Downward Dog

My yoga was awesome this morning as I was able to do my hour Ashtanga style class and all my postures were perfect (that is in my opinion) and it made me extremely happy.  This is usually the feel good state of mind when your practice is complete and I was concerned because of my previous weeks of ill-health and some muscle failure.  The thought crossed my mind that my Yoga days might be over.  After nine plus years of practice, it would definitely be a problem for me mentally and physically. You see the yoga classes has become “fuel for my mind-body and balance, and I am convinced it is a huge part of my daily living regime just like food and water is.”

On this wonderful Sunday evening I am celebrating feeling like a million and so very thankful for all of my blessings this holiday weekend.

Hope your weekend was special for you, too.

Enjoy your Monday morning and please don’t forget to smile!

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Happy Thanksgiving to All

My meal consisted of 4 hot dinner rolls-a glass of iced tea and a small piece of apple pie and 2 cups of coffee.  No traditional dishes that I had hoped for and my tummy was empty.  The senior center had booked a two-hour buffet cruise that included the bus-gratuity and the meal.   It sounded like a good deal especially the part of no cooking or cleanup.  And so I had my breakfast-greeted my away family and headed for the trip to catch the bus to our destination.   The weather was awesome with sunny skies and high 70’s with minimum winds perfect for cruising to nowhere.

Long story short,  the turkey was pressed turkey loaded with salt-gravy not homemade, warm to cool mashed potatoes-spicy yellow rice-no sweet potatoes or cranberry sauce.  There were some cold slice of ham that did not look appetizing at all.  And so with my grumbling tummy  I decided to try a tiny taste of the turkey but it gave me an”instant headache.”  Perhaps being on a no salt diet caused my body to be shocked.  I was so hungry and ironically I was not alone with my feelings of distaste and disappointment.  We decided to just feast on the rolls to fill the empty feeling till we arrived back home.

Once there I quickly boiled water, opened a can of chopped clams, diced some fresh garlic and made linguine and clam sauce.  I am sure this is probably a first for a Thanksgiving menu choice but I must admit it was good, it was hot and  I ate two servings.   Even though the day wasn’t perfect by far, the thank you in my heart for my family and friends were.

Wishing all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving day.

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Brand New Day

Wow!  I am feeling like the older me and I can smile again.  It seems the spring in my step is back and the aches in my legs are gone.

Now, I don’t want you to think that I am trying to ignore the numbers on my birthday cake next month (hint), but my idea of living is to do it with a youthful attitude and outlook on life.   You see there is so much I still want to do, and it can only happen if  I stay pain-free and continue my healthy life style of good healthy foods and my love of yoga and Pilate’s.

I also need to stay involved with my volunteering at the school, as doing this is a total joy for me.  It not only fills me with a feel-good emotion, it also inspires me to do a good job mentoring Sophia at the high school.  Perhaps next year I will bypass getting the flu shot and just wash and wash my hands and maybe the flu bug will pass me by.

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The Flu Bug Got Me

Back in September I remembered to get my flu shot and since then, I have been plagued with muscle aches, fatigue and erratic mood swings in addition to a stuffy nose and headache. Finally,  I gave in over a week ago and visited my primary doctor.  As I rattled off of my ailments he wrote it all down and then proceeded to examine me and check my circulation in my lower legs that have felt asleep.  He finished his exam and gave me a script for blood work which I had done a few days ago.

It seems that I have elevation in an enzyme that is a result of the flu shot.  It did not work with my system the way it should and that I should avoid getting it in the future.  He also stated that I will gradually feel like myself once again, but not overnight.

I am not a happy camper by any means, “I don’t like being ill and I am a miserable patient.”

Hopefully, this passes quickly and I am smiling again real soon.

Till the next time. don’t you forget to smile.

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Love the Extra Hour

I like to start early in the day changing my many clocks and watches, as we approach the end of daylight savings time at 2 a.m.  On one hand it is great to get the extra hour under the covers but on the other hand, it is not good for me with the curtailment of daylight  hours.  I have never done well driving at dusk or in the dark of night.  My optometrist mentioned I had night-blindness and unfortunately it is not correctable with new lenses.  And so somehow as I change from fall back to spring ahead each year I always have a glimmer of  hope that they might just do away with it and leave the time alone.

How do you feel about this time change?  Are you happy with the extra hour or do you favor more daylight?

It is almost 10 p.m. and I am done with all the turning of dials for another four months.

The television and internet all do it automatically.

How fun is that?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and don’t forget to smile.

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