Howls of Laughter

Our yellow bus was packed with three classes of children (3 to a seat with seat beats on) three teachers and three helpers including me.   It was a short bus ride to the pumpkin patch and all of the thirty-six children were so well-behaved that they would be awarded complements when we returned to the classroom.

The thirty-six children were divided into groups of six and at each station there would be different games and challenges using plastic balls with pumpkin faces.  At one station there were pumpkin seeds and a small peat pot for the children to take home and plant their seeds.  A few decided right there that their pumpkin would be the biggest ever.  Now you know their imagination alone is priceless as well as their confidence.  I am going to make note of it and check it with the students next year and see just how big did their pumpkins grow?   I could have a little prize for the winning pumpkin.

At my assigned station we had to shoot little pumpkin balls into a basketball hoop.  Most of the children had no experience plus Ms Millie is just a couple of inches past 5 feet and so it was a challenge demonstrating how to shoot hoops.   Believe it or not. a few of the boys did get the little pumpkins into the hoop.   The laughter alone was worth it. It was a good thing that no one was shooting a video although it might have been a hit on America’s Funniest Videos.

We had our packaged lunches under the trees as the warm sun and clear skies gave us a beautiful day for a picnic. We hesitantly cleaned up and as we thanked the presenters at the farm they in turn gave each child a souvenir pumpkin.  I saw all smiley faces as we rode the big yellow bus back to school.  Then on Monday we will have a little party and I just might just wear my clown costume for Halloween with my orange wig.

Have a fun weekend and for those who celebrate Halloween, may you get lots of treats.


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Blue Skies

It has been a great productive week in every possible way.  Allow me to explain the reason for my euphoria.  Last Sunday evening I was able to see my almost five month old granddaughter Mia on Skype along with my son and daughter-in-law.  Joining them just like a conference call  ( it is now become a video conference call) my other son Joe and his wife are right there on my computer screen.  This allowed each of us to be able to view one another and also to be able to chat.

Goodness gracious I was blown away by the whole experience!  I am now looking forward to seeing my other grand and great grand children perhaps next week on Skype.

On Tuesday I visited my first grade students and helped them with their sight words.  We also talked about next weeks trip to the Pumpkin Patch where once again I will be the class Mother assisting Mrs McKim as we  board the big yellow bus. My black t-shirt and orange sweat shirt to wear along with maybe a witches hat are ready to be worn.  This is by far one of my favorite trips to do with the students and we are looking forward to next Tuesday.

Today,  I started my new volunteer position helping a person pay their bills.   This is through the CARES agency that screens and fingerprints all volunteers and trains us to help as Bill Payers for people who can’t do it themselves for different reasons.  It is usually for ages 60 and up ( but the agency will make exceptions) in extreme cases.   My person is  wonderful lady that unfortunately  has broken her wrist in two places and  it just happens to be her writing hand.   She is so proud and surprised  at how strong her other hand  has become as she prints her name on the checks I have written as her signature.

We are so fortunate to have these agencies to help our Seniors.  And, I love being able to help someone in need and also to make a new friend.

Tomorrow is my four-hour stint at the hospital’s gift shop and I feel that perhaps only the candy flowers and balloons are left to sell.   It was almost bare last week.  There are only a few weeks till the grand opening and ribbon cutting at the new hospital.

So next week is the pumpkin patch trip and the visit to see Sophia at her school.  Reports cards come out on Thursday and I have my fingers crossed.  All A’s would sure be nice.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Counting My Blessings

I believe we all walk into our doctors office for our annual or semi-annual exam with trepidation.  We are in fear of hearing bad news and the  big “C” word  that follows it.  It just seems that more people are being diagnosed with some form of cancer and it is hitting all ages.,

In the past month alone, at least three people have told me about someone close to them that has cancer.  This led me to being a bit nervous today as I had my exam.  Once it was over I could the smile on my doctors kind face and ” poof  just like magic,  all of my stress just seemed to disappear.”

I hurriedly put myself back together and walked into his private office.  He immediately assured me that every thing was great and that I should keep up my good habits of exercise and healthy eating.  “It seems to be working well for you, he said.”

Yes I will!  I could feel the big smile on my face as I murmured Amen.

It sure turned out to be an awesome Monday and am I thankful?

You bet I am.

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New Opportunities

As much as I love working with my first graders and being a Mentor I found myself with oodles of free time.  In the past I was at the school 3-4 times a week but now with the new guidelines it has decreased the hours that I can be of assistance.  In addition to this, my four hours at the gift shop on Saturday will be coming to an end in just a few short weeks as the new hospital (almost walking distance from my home) will open and their gift shop will be privately owned.  And so I needed to find other areas that could use my help and also fill my day time hours.  I have found the beauty of retirement to afford me the opportunities of finding things that I love to do (and never had the time)  to now being able to pick and choose.  There are so many agencies that need help and I get to meet people from all walks of life and find this very interesting.

This past week I trained at the hospitals front desk learning how to access patient room numbers for t Continue reading “New Opportunities”

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New Look

For months I have been trying to grow my hair long enough to style in a bun or chignon (50’s look) and also save some money on hair cuts to boot.  I have a tiny face and long hair really does nothing to enhance my look and so I finally gave in and told my stylist yesterday to cut it all off.   It is now short and sassy looking and I kind of like the ease of a quick brush and fluff.

My fellow yogi’s were quick to notice my new look and some stated how cute I looked.   Right off,  I was surprised at my reaction because for so many years I would cringe at that comment,  but today it made me feel great.

With a big number birthday coming up in two months I would like to age as gracefully as possible yet still be stylish.  And so I am anxious to hear my first grade students comments when I see them next Wednesday.

I wonder will they even notice?  What I do know is that kids are always honest and so Ms Millie must be brave and just smile.

To be continued!

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