School Bells

The yellow buses will be on the roadways come next Monday,  as the first day of the new school year begins.  And I know there will be lots of traffic and frustrated drivers for the first week at least and then it will all fall into place.

Lucky for me that come Saturday,  I will be climbing aboard “The Love Boat-Princess Cruise Line for a 7 day cruise to New England and Canada.”    I have been checking the weather for the different ports and Halifax is 69 degrees and that sounds so refreshing compared to our 97 the past few days.   My new hooded yellow sweatshirt will keep me comfortably warm yet will probably feel bulky, especially after months of wearing tank tops and shorts.   But I will adjust happily as I love to travel and most especially enjoy cruising.  And who knows who might be on “The Love Boat?”

Till the next time I will say Bon Voyage to me and to all who might be traveling or cruising too.

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Nostaglia Weekend

Strange happenings occur,  it seems right around the time of the full moon and for the most part it is a very therapeutic time for me.   For example, things that stress me out are somehow minimized or made clearer in my dreams the preceding 3-4 sleepless nights.  And I always amazed to find that I am never exhausted, so perhaps I am sleeping with my eyes wide open.  My mood is always uplifted and my confidence is off the charts.  And I love the whole wide world and everybody in it, so maybe I am dreaming. But if  I am, please don’t wake me up to reality just yet!

I recall my Dad telling me “that I always see things with rose-colored glasses and that I needed to see the forest from the trees.” And still today,  I don’t think I have developed that eyesight or clarity.  Or maybe, I just pretend that I see what I see.

With that in mind and the full moon just 24 hours away give or take (depending on your time zone) I am enjoying my fun happy even a little risqué feeling.  So I will blame the full moon.

Does the full moon affect you in any way?  Curious for sure……..Have a great weekend…..Ms Millie

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Land Line Never Rings

Perhaps it is selective memories when I recall the days, when it seemed my phone never stopped ringing with calls from friends and family just checking in to say “hi and how are you?”  After working an eight-hour day in an office atmosphere with non stop phone requests I came to dread the phone once I returned home.  But how else would we be able to hear our loved one voices, hear about their days and nights and just catch up?  And so the phone and then cell phones kept us in touch.  And then, the emails and Instant Messenger took over and out of nowhere it seemed “texting became the in and only way along with tweeting.”

I admit I loved the IM’ing and emailing and became a user of keeping in touch with others vs making that phone call.  But I refused to trade in my cell phone for one that would accept texts nor could I afford the additional costs to accept them.  Then one day I realized that my land line only rings if it is a sales pitch-political push or a wrong number and it seems no one calls,  just to say hello.   Somehow I feel left out and actually lonesome for someone to care to hear my voice and ask how are you and are you O.K.?   I know technology is critical to today’s style of living but I feel the art of communicating with each other is non-existent.

You start to feel a little hesitant about calling someone and taking up their time, when perhaps a text would be quicker.   Yes for me it has become wishful thinking that my phone would ring like the olden days. And perhaps I should be wondering if this is a sign of aging or a sign of the times?

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Yesterdays are Gone-But

Hey 2007!  Where have you gone? 2008-2010 flew by as well and I am four years older and wiser now in 2011.

As I read my past writings,  I realize how much I have grown as a person and as an understanding Mother, friend and sibling.   I don’t believe we know ourselves and the emotional baggage we carry on our shoulders day after day.  For me it was a painful burden and also a cloud to clearer living.   By writing this blog, it has helped me to share my thoughts and experiences.  It has not only opened my mind but also my heart and ears to truly hear and feel the innards of Ms Millie.

I am sad at some of the outcomes but also thankful for the benefits that came out of it.  This year alone I have witnessed a grand-daughter being married and also having a new grand-daughter born in June.   I plan to continue to volunteer at the same school for the eighth year and also continue my mentoring with Sophia, working  towards her scholarship.

My newest endeavor will be to become a bill payer for our Seniors who need help in this area.  It seems “the young ones gives me miles of smiles and the older ones keep me using my skills.”   And my shoulders are a lot lighter – my vision is crystal-clear.

So yes, yesterdays are gone but as song goes “Point me to Tomorrow’ and I will continue to blog about Ms Millie and Friends and hope you will continue the ride with me.

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