Hold That Thought

I hate to admit that perhaps “age” might be a factor in me losing my retention of whatever it is I should be remembering.  In the past I have always claimed to have the memory of an elephant but I am not so sure at the moment.  My biggest dilemma is hiding things for safekeeping and then not remembering where they are when I need them.   It is only a month ago that I unpacked from a trip and put “XYZ” in that special hiding place to be retrieved at a later date.

With today’s weather hot and steamy I thought it would be a perfect time to stay indoors.   After awhile I decided to check on my hidden cache to see if it was sufficient for my future plans.  And to my surprise, it  wasn’t there in that place.  The search is on and there is no one to blame except myself and I am flustered!

Maybe I need to write down where I am hiding the stuff, so I can find it when I need it.  I don’t have any problem remembering dates and birthdays and bill paying but this hiding for safe keeping is making me a little worry some.

Please share with me your experiences and/ your suggestions that will be easy to implement.

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Still Remember the Words

Spend a nice Sunday with a bunch of ladies like myself at the local playhouse to see My Fair Lady.   I was fortunate to get my favorite place to sit (right up front and on the aisle) which put me in an even better mood.  It turned out to be a sold out performance and so everyone in our group was thrilled with their seating assignments.   As we settled in,  they introduced the piano accompanist whose fingers seem to magically play the familiar melodies from this wonderful production.  And,  I found myself humming quietly and then after a while, singing along with the main performer who had the most wonderful voice.  Gosh, she made it look so easy to sing and tell her lines all while looking magnificent in her finery.

As it always seems to happen to Ms Millie, I somehow become transformed into seeing me on stage and wishing that I was the one belting out a song or two.   Did you know that they have fantasy camps for sports?   I wonder if perhaps they have one for “wanna be stars”?    Just think how neat that would be for me and my family to see my name on the marquee and a writeup on the program.   “Ms Millie A unique senior and great grand-parent – living out one of her dreams! ”

Do you think they would be laughing at me?  Well  maybe they would or on the other hand,  they might be cheering me on .  I  could be the inspiration they need.  After all,  don’t we all have our hidden wish lists?  This could be the catalyst to live out a dream or two.

And so after a two-hour presentation with a 15 minute intermission,  we left for a delicious lunch at a Greek restaurant.   This particular restaurant is famous for their “Gyro” sandwiches and so this is what I ordered along with a Raspberry iced tea.  We enjoyed our food and chatter and all had favorable comments about the performance.  And then,  it was time for this group of  twenty-two contented ladies to climb aboard the bus that would  bring us back to our pick up point for our automobiles .  I think as we chatted amongst ourselves about the future trips in the coming months we all had a smile on our faces and for Ms Millie I was back in real time.

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The Squeeze Bit Back

Odd title but it is the only explanation I could think of after looking at my blown up pointer finger.   It was around 2 p.m. this afternoon when I decided I would wipe my window sills and shine up the windows with some Windex and paper towels.  I finished all of my rooms and was on my last bedroom window when I saw out of the corner of my eye a black bug that seem to drop from behind the furniture onto the carpet next to my foot.   My quick thinking was not to step on it especially on my carpet and so I decided to grab it with my paper towel in hand.  I did but as I opened my hand to check,  it moved and I squeezed but not before he got me, with his bite. ” Ouch and wow!  and all kinds of not so nice words left my moth,” as  I quickly dropped the towel and bug and realized it was a black spider.

I  seem to fly into the bathroom and ran the hot water onto my finger and added some liquid soap and then poured a half bottle of peroxide and I tell you it stung and I could feel the throbbing.  All I could see was little bump but I  decided to look up the danger of a spider bite on the computer.   I read about the different types and if it was a black or brown color,  it could be fatal in some cases.  Now I know I am basically a calm person but in this instance I became a coward and it seemed within minutes of reading the symptoms I could feel them happening to me.

None of my neighbors were home and so I thought why bother 911 when I could drive?    And so I drove to the Urgent Care facility a few miles down the road and fortunately it wasn’t crowded and they didn’t seem anxious when I described my situation.   After a short waiting period the kind doctor checked my finger and listened to the happenings.  He then smiled as he told me it would be alright as I had taken the right action by cleansing it, to prevent infection.   Just to be safe he prescribed an antibiotic and told me to keep an eye on it for the next 24-48 hours.

I left there relieved with prescription in hand and just a tingling  in my finger.   About an hour ago, I took my first dose of medicine and my finger looks almost normal .  I did promise myself that never again will I think I can squeeze the life out of a spider but just to ignore it or get the spray.

By the way what would you have done?

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Thick Humid and Hot

This weather is playing havoc with my lungs and sinuses.   It is breath-taking to say the least and for someone with COPD it is disastrous.   I try faithfully to keep my stamina and health going by doing Yoga 3-5 times a week just to keep my lungs functioning but today I was out of breath and used my inhaler and then my nebulizer when I reached home.  It is times like these that I get frustrated and mad at myself for having ever smoked.   Although I know the damage is done and not reversible I am thankful that I had the good sense to stop smoking twelve years ago.

But I think I need to move out of Florida until the weather cools off.   I am open to suggestions.


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I started thinking awhile back as I watch people in the news and everyday life how they handle life with its roller coaster moments.   Some of us seem to sink at the first glimpse of potential failure or doubt in our competence.  Then we have others  that will take a tighter grip while treading softly looking forward which leaves the remainder of us that poses that big  question of how do they always appear to have it all together all of the time.

Is this possible or is it an illusion?

What is their magic button?  Or is it not magical, but just plain old-fashioned inspiration?  And how do we get it and at what cost?

Does anyone out there reading this have an opinion on what becomes a catalyst for others to follow? Please help this curious woman.