Looking Ahead

Next week at this time I will be celebrating my granddaughter’s graduation from college.  Desiree has always been a determined little girl and so I am not surprised at all of her achievements in spite of the many challenges she faced.  I am hoping to catch some of the highlights on a video (I learned recently how to) tape.

Now I just to need to check the extended weather forecast to see what type of  clothing I might need to pack.  Their high 60’s is like winter to this Florida living lady and so I will probably be wearing layers and also a heavy sweater.   At least I won’t need boots to trudge in the snow or gloves to keep my hands from freezing.  I am hoping for barbecue weather on Sunday as I get to celebrate Motherhood with my two sons and their families on Mothers Day.

Life is good!  And I am thankful to be living it.

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Shock at the Pump

Last year I believe was the first time that I paid over $20.00 to fill up my car and I was flabbergasted.  How would I have managed to pay this when I was still employed?  As it was I did thirty-six miles round trip five days a week and my salary was never the greatest.  Now my income has shrunk even more with no increase in Social Security the past two years and my medical insurance is eating up my little pension check. And so if this pattern continues to spiral upwards my pension check will be negative and I will be paying out-of-pocket for the rest of  my health insurance premium.

I think that what bothers me most is that I have always considered myself a good manager of money and still today, I  cut and use coupons. But there are no coupons available to purchase gas.  And so today my car needed to be refueled and  as I stopped at the gas station I did see the price per gallon but I never calculated what it would be to fill my Corolla?

It seemed the numbers changed quickly and when I saw the twenty one-twenty four and then the click of the fill up and I saw  a total of $30.41.   I was speechless except for the expletive  that came out of my mouth.  I think my mouth is still wide open and repeating I don’t believe I just paid this amount of money to fill my car?   In all of my years of driving this was a first and I know that this is not the end of being shocked as the prices continue to rise.

All I thought at the moment that me a senior citizen paying $30.41 for gasoline is unbelievable and I feel for everyone including my self.

How are we supposed to manage when every thing is going up?  How much is too much?

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Missing the Old Days

Once upon a time Spring meant shopping for a new Spring coat and also visiting the local millinery shops to try on the latest in hats.   I loved the dress up on Sundays wearing my hat and gloves with purse to match.  Even my sons would be in their Sunday attire of slacks, shirt and tie with their freshly polished shoes and neatly combed hair.  If we were going to church that is how everyone would be dressed or if we were invited to someone’s home for dinner.  We would stop at the local bakery and pick up a layer cake or pastries as you didn’t visit empty-handed.

Today if I wear a dress or skirt it is like where are you going?   The hat generation and fashion is gone but I am going to dress up in my finest dress and heels this Easter Sunday and strut my stuff and maybe I will tempt others to bring back dress up Sundays.

After all us ladies have legs, we should be showing them like the olden days!

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See You in the Fall

There is something wonderful about tax day here in Florida as our stores and roads become less congested.  Somehow this date signals a return home for many to file their taxes and also to escape our wonderful hot humid sunny days ahead.

For me I think I might be spoiled just a little liking the idea of leisurely shopping and walking around (without worrying about shopping carts and other driven carts) beeping you to get by like they were on a road.  Many a time I have thought aloud ” how about a traffic lane and stop lights for these drivers?”   But all kidding aside, we need the dollars they bring and spend in our shops and restaurants.

Besides, one never knows when perhaps they might be needing one of these carts to get around.  So Ms Millie will enjoy their absence for a while and will know when Fall is upon us once again.

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Labor of Love

The weather today reminded me of how beautiful the weather had been just a few years back in 1969.   It was a Spring like day and considered way too early for us New Yonkers, but I wasn’t complaining in my present condition.  (Nine months and the due date was imminent)  Besides after the cold winter,  I welcomed being outside and being able to walk free of ice and snow mounds.

At this stage of my life, both my sons were in school and I recall thinking that the next day would be the 17th and how ironic it would be if my child were born on this date.  You see Terry was born on the 17th of August and Joseph the 17th of January.  And so I wondered if three times the charm would happen?

Well the next day the weather was just as beautiful.  And so I decided I would walk up a mile or so to the local McDonald’s and Johns Bargain store.  I though a treat of a hamburger and fries would be fitting for this chubby woman plus I could browse at the bargains next door after lunch.  So off I went and enjoyed my shake, burger and fries and even bought a few baby items and coloring books for my sons at home.

As I walked back, enjoying the breeze and sunshine I remember feeling fatigued and having more pressure pains on my now full tummy.

Once home I decided to sit outside on my patio.  While waiting for my sons to come home from school I enjoyed the quiet of the afternoon when my phone rang to break the silence.    It was my husband Joe saying “Millie call the doctor and tell him it’s the 17th.”

I replied “Joe, he knows the date.”‘

He said “Just tell him about Terry and Joseph, and maybe you might be ready.”

I answered back “Joe that sounds crazy, and I am not even in labor,  I ‘m just having pressure pains, but I will call him to make you happy.”

Long story short, I called the doctor and he advised me to come to the hospital for an exam.

Once there, he let me know the pressure was in fact labor pains and I would not be going home.  But with luck you will be giving birth within the next few hours.

With that I had them notify my brother who had driven me to the hospital to call my husband and give him the awesome news.

At 7:04 pm on April 17 1969 I gave birth to a 6 lb 2 oz beautiful baby boy with jet  black hair.  His name would be Darrin as I loved the hit series Bewitched and the actor’s name in the series was Daren.  With a few tweaks to the spelling.  And viola.

Gee to have three sons all born on the seventeenth!  It sure sounds magical to me.

Sometimes I do ask myself if it seem like only yesterday or just a few years ago?   And then I realize how very long it has been and gee wouldn’t it be nice to have the three of them in the house again?  If only to need their Mama for a while and I in turn  could perhaps spoil them a little, just one more time.

Happy Birthday Darrin

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