A Brand New Month

Does it seem that time is just passing so fast or is it just me getting older quicker?  I can vividly recall waiting what seemed like forever to have my 18th birthday as I wanted to be my own boss and be independent.  Well that is approximately fifty plus years ago and it has gone by in a blink of an eye.  There wee so very many wonderful events and people in and out of my life along with the birth of my children and grandchildren and great grandchildren.   In the next few months preparations are being made for my grand- daugthers wedding and also the impending birth of a new grand-baby in June.

The past two months have been great and productive and so March looks promising with the time change on the 14th and Spring beckons on the 20th.  I am filled with all kinds of plans and hope you are looking forward to Spring as well.

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February Heat Wave

It was an amazing moment when I was able to remove the weather draft guard from my  front door and windows.  As I lifted my windows an inch or two to let in the fresh fragrant air it seemed to refresh the room instantly.   I guess we can never replace the real thing when we use sprays or candles so this is a treat.  Besides the fact that I can once again wear regular clothes and not be bundled up with sweaters and heavy socks to keep the chill away.

You see the homes in Florida were not built with insulation to keep out frigid temperatures and it would probably be too warm in the summer even if  we could afford to change it.   Most of  us that live in Florida do so because we enjoy the year round warmth and sunshine.  Yet, somehow this winter turned out to be the coldest for all of us.

So when I  speak with my family up North and they tell me they just had more snow and high winds, I  feel a little guilty about being in the sunshine state (as it is called) except that I knew twenty one years ago it would be difficult for me to handle the cold and snow as I aged.

And so the trade off is the great weather versus not being able to see my family as much as I would like to. Then again they say “Absence makes the heart grow fonder and hopefully not out of sight out of mind.”

This being Presidents week and winter break for some, our weather is delightful with no rain in the forecast.   I am sure they will return home with a sunburn and a smile or two bragging about our awesome weather.

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The Luv Pops

I am so happy that my Luv pops were a hit with the children and teachers.  Besides the pops, each child brought in a goody to be shared with the class and a be my valentine card.  This way their would be more than enough and no one would be left out.  By the time everything was distributed their little desk area was covered with red frosted cupcakes, cookies, cheetos and candy hearts  plus a Capri drink to wash it all down.  The teachers and myself wore red (which just happens to be my favorite color) and then we played some music for the kids to burn off some sugar.  They just love the party atmosphere and so do the adults.  Stress free and carefree makes for happy productive folks young and old alike.

Next party will be Easter which is late April this year……Sure to be a bright sunny day..

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Flowers and Candy

Ms Millie had a wonderful Saturday afternoon at the gift shop meeting new customers and helping them pick out the right gift for their patient.  With Valentines Day on Monday, we had quite an array of gifts and cards for every budget.  The repeat customers boasted about our unique gifts and wonderful customer service from the volunteers.  I  tend to believe the goodness we feel,when we volunteer seems to appear in our demeanor.  And wouldn’t it be wonderful if  it were to become contagious?  Can you imagine more volunteers bringing  happiness and help to someone who needs it?

You see for me it has been a part of my life going way back  to when my children were in school.  I became involved in the PTA and the cub scouts and became a baker of sorts.  I think I must have made a zillion cupcakes and cakes for bake sales and yet still today, I make brownies and cakes for friends just so “I remember how to do it and to make people smile, too.”   And it helps me to smile, also……….Keeps the wrinkles away!

So once I arrived home, I started opening mail and thought about dinner when there was a loud knock on my door and a voice saying flower delivery.  I opened my door cautiously and there stood a delivery man with a basket of the most beautiful flowers and a box of chocolates and said “Maam someone loves you very much, just sign here and they are yours.”

As I read the card from my son Darrin and his wife Maria, Sam and Meg and baby to be, my eyes filled with tears of  joy.

I truly love being their sweetheart as much as they are mine..and I realize just how lucky a Mom I am!

Happy Valentines day to all of you.

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Be Mine Sweets

As I left the school today with a happy feeling as always, I thought about next Monday and the number fourteen appeared before my eyes.  Sweetheart’s day, Valentines day, be mine day…..Hmmm….What could I bring to my sixteen sweethearts on this special day?

Well, it would have to be individually pre-wrapped and all the same color-so as not to create choices.  And so as I drove down the road I remembered to return my books to the library and then stopped at the brand new Dollar General store.  What a nice surprise as I entered the store with its awesome display of cards, candies and artificial flowers, but what caught my eye was the bag of twenty red inscribed ( in white letters) “BE MINE” lollypops.   The count would be perfect as well as the sentiment for giving each child one and also one for Ms McKim and one for MsMillie, leaving two extras.

Gee, I can hardly wait for Monday to give out my sweets, how about you?

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