Is it a Cold or Allergies?

My eyes are watering and I am sniffling like a little kid and to be honest,  I feel miserable.  No aches or pains but just the blahs plus the fact that I could not do my Yoga practice today is in itself an indicator of just how bad I am feeling.   I never give up my Yoga but trying to do a downward dog or two with a sinus headache and drip would not be possible unless I really wanted to punish myself.  I am hoping it is some pollen brewing in this crazy winter weather we have been experiencing, yet also thankful that we are not shoveling any white stuff  like my family up North.

Perhaps, I will feel well enough to do the Power Yoga on Tuesday but for now it is tea and honey…

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and don’t forget to smile:)

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Only a Year Ago

Lucky for me that the snowfall in New York today didn’t happen last year on this date.  Reason being I was there to join in the celebration of my son’s wedding.   It was about 12 or 15 degrees and we were all frozen most especially those of us living in Florida.   I am convinced that we are not used to the cold temperatures and feel that our blood does thin out, even more so as we age.  Yet, it appeared to all of us that the “‘magic” of  love between them could quite possibly melt a bit of snow even today on their first anniversary.

To add to this beautiful story is the coming event of a newborn in about four or five months.  I am thinking just how lucky this baby will be to have parents to love and cherish them as they do each other.  From this Mom’s happy heart, I send you both much love and congratulations on your 1 year anniversary.

You sure make me proud!

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My Intro to Exercise

The man who started me making all these crazy faces in addition to marching in place and doing arm exercises has passed away at the wonderful age of 96.  The one and only Jack LaLanne had been my inspiration for all of these years as he convinced me way back in the 60’s with his television show that if we ate right and moved our bodies, we could live long healthy lives.  Even his facial exercises promised results and one in particular guaranteed no double chin and that one definitely worked for me as it helped me look years younger than my counterparts.

I can only imagine how great I would feel if I had listened ( just a little bit more with regards to smoking).  I didn’t smarten up until twelve years ago but unfortunately the damage to my lungs was already done.  And, so I became determined to work out 3-5 times a week and also eat properly.  In return I am feeling strong, toned and fit.

My goal today is to keep my wits about me and use my brain to learn something new every day…This way I too can live to that young age of 96  and still be doing my push-ups and downward dogs.

Thank you Jack LaLanne for being my motivator.  I will never forget you!

New Faces

Ms Millie had a wonderful four hours at the gift shop today and it seemed that the crisp air and bright sunshine lifted peoples moods as they shopped for gifts for their loved ones at the hospital.  We have a wide variety of merchandise in addition to our fresh flowers that are sold in either a vase, mug, tea-cup, or basket – all displaying breath-taking colors.  We also sell all kinds of candy bars and a variety of gum and cough drops, along with a sugar-free line of  bagged candy.  Yet, the one thing one of my customers craved was something salty, and we just don’t carry chips, pretzels, or popcorn.  And so he went on to explain his current situation of being in a state of shock…

Only a few hours earlier his wife had delivered twins – a boy and a girl.  But just last week his wife’s sonogram showed a little boy.  So when the doctor told him you have a little girl, he was puzzled … until the doctor further informed him that his wife was not done.  Next came a little boy!  By now he was in a complete state of euphoria, and so thankful that they appeared to both be healthy and strong.  He could hardly contain himself.  He said to me, “here I am in my forties, with a year old at home and now twins.  WOW!

On my way out at the end of my shift,  I ran into him holding two bags of chips that he had just purchased at the cafeteria.  His face was sporting a big smile as he told me, “I am still bewildered, but very happy.”

How wonderful and surprising sometimes life is!

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Frank Parsons Plays Today

The new year is off to a good start as I head out for the drive to the Richey Suncoast theatre.  At 2PM, Frank Parsons and his big band will begin playing some old time favorites and we will be tapping our feet and singing along with so many of the wonderful arrangements.  He does an awesome  job bringing us up to date with tidbits of information on the various arrangers and lyricists.   I  have a fondness for the saxophone as its sounds seems to have a magical effect on me, and so upon hearing the soloists play with so much emotion, the feeling is incredible.

All of them together bring years of talent and experience for our listening pleasure, month after month, so much so that when we get close to the last performance in May, I become a little sad that my once-a-month visit with them will be on hiatus until October.  I especially miss Fred Nunes playing and conducting, and also telling a joke or two.  He manages to keep us all happy and chuckling.

And so Ms Millie is off to the show.

Have a good day everyone………

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