Time Flies

In approximately six and half  hours we will be getting ready to toot our horns, bang them pots and pans or shake those noisemakers to greet the New Year.  If we are lucky to have our loved ones nearby, we can plant a kiss or give them a big hug.  My Dad always called me at the stroke of midnight and although it has been forty seven years I still miss hearing his greeting “Happy New Year sweetheart”.  In place of my wonderful Dad my son Darrin has taken to the role of calling his Mom and last year my older son Terry did the honors.  It is amazing how much we treasure our memories of our yesterdays and I believe that is how we get through our everyday dilemmas with a smile.

I would like to wish all of you out there in this wonderful world we live in a spectacular New Year filled with love, peace and harmony……….2011 has a good sound to it.  Enjoy and do smile every day:)

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Happy Holidays

My children loved their activity books and candy canes and I loved the beautiful photo of the class framed on a handmade card signed by each student.  I can now add another wonderful decoration to my wall and treasure these moments year after year.  The weather is beautiful in Florida with sunny skies and moderate temperatures predicted for Christmas Day.  Joey is thrilled and enjoying the warmer climate if only for a few days before venturing back North.

Wishing all of you a wonderful holiday and don’t forget to share those smiles!

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Grandson Coming To Town

Only two more days before my grandson Joey flies down from New York to spend a week with his Dad and wife.  He will also be spending a few days with me and I am so happy.   This will be the best Christmas present for me as this is what makes Christmas jolly is the joy of children and family.  I haven’t seen Joey in the past year and he has informed me that he is almost as tall as  me.   This for sure will be a sight for sore eyes and I can bet there will be tears of happiness as I hug and kiss him.

Tomorrow is next to the last day of school and we are having a little Christmas party.  I have bought each child an activity book wrapped in Christmas paper and attached a candy cane to their gift card.   My attire will consists of  a red Christmas decorated sweat shirt-black velvet pants and a headband with reindeer horns and bells.  This should create some laughter from the children as I distribute their gifts.  I know I will be missing them for the next three weeks till school resumes on January 10 2011.  But for now it is fun- family- friends and children getting in the holiday spirit.

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Another Year Older

It has been an amazing week having my son for a few days all to myself.  I know the best part for me, was spoiling him with some of his favorite foods.  On Saturday,  we went to dinner at the Red Lobster and had a fantastic time enjoying the ambiance and good food.  The three of us shared a yummy dessert of chocolate brownie cake, yummy fudge syrup drizzled over vanilla ice cream.  I  loved the waiters singing their Happy Birthday song to me as I thought about my wish before I blew out the candle.  And if wishes do come true,  it won’t be too long before we do this again.

It is so important to spend time with our loved ones and not take time for granted.

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Lucky No 11

This year for my big day on the 11th,  I will be celebrating it with my two sons Terry and Joe.  Terry is flying down from New York for a four day mini-vacation with his Mom and brother.   My hopes are that after all of my bragging about Florida’s warm sunny days, that Mother nature proves me right and warms up.  Reason being, that for the past few days,  we have been way below on the thermometer readings  (near freezing) and I do not do well in cold temperatures.   As I glanced in the mirror,  I laughed at how many layers of clothing I was wearing to keep warm (not too fashionable) and hoped that no-one would be ringing my bell.

On the other hand, just the thought of having my two sons with me brings me warmth and joy and lots of love.  This will definitely make this an awesome birthday, in spite of missing my son Darrin who could not make the trip but I do have plans to see him soon.

I am one lucky Mom and thankful for all of my blessings.

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