So Nice to Feel Good

After two weeks of being on an antibiotic,  my facial pain has minimized and the doctor is now thinking that the pain might have been caused by chronic sinusitis and TMJ.  This has kept me in a state of confusion and worry but now I feel relief  and thankful it is not serious.

Yesterday while at school helping my first graders with their reading, my little friend Brian from last years class came into the area and asked me “MsMilie do you still have the Christmas tree we made you last year?  Absolutely I replied,  I will have it forever and hang it up every year”  He smiled and I knew he was happy as he walked back to his area.

I feel that Brian has once again proved to me  that children never forget people and things that they do (good or bad) and love the reassurance that we too remember.  It sure put a  huge grin on my face as I proudly thought about my Christmas tree.   And today I hung it on my living room wall and looked at the cute faces from one year ago.  My goodness they have grown so much since kindergarten and and the best is yet to come.  They are by far my best holiday decorations.

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Wonderful Day

My meal turned out wonderful as I watched  Joe and Chanipa enjoy the turkey and all the fixings.  He especially loves the cauliflower dipped in egg and flour and fried till golden.  There was enough turkey and sides to pack up and send home with him for another meal.

We spoke to the family up North and everyone seemed to be in good spirits and enjoying their meal and counting their many blessings.  Hope your day turned out well, too!

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The Preparation

I spent the day chopping my onions and celery and defrosting my butter ball turkey.  I breaded my artichokes and egged and floured the cauliflower.  My stuffing is ready to be placed in the bird in the morning and I can hardly wait for the wonderful smells coming from my oven  as the turkey and sweet potatoes bake.

There is something wonderful about making a Thanksgiving dinner and sharing it with the ones you love and I realize now that I have missed doing it.   Perhaps I will make it a tradition once again and maybe next year some of my family up North will come South.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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Three Days to Turkey

Many years ago I was the chief cook in my family and hosted many a Thanksgiving Dinner for my family.  This year there will be just three of us and so I thought I would make a small butterball turkey with stuffing, stuffed mushrooms, breaded artichoke hearts and floured and fried cauliflower.  Mashed and sweet potatoes along with lots of home made gravy, hot dinner rolls and cranberry sauce.  Joe is bringing dessert and some wine and my daughter in law has requested my home made brownies.

I hope this is like (riding a bicycle) and I remember just how to time the turkey and have everything ready.  It will be nice to toast each other, while we are missing and wishing our family out of state,  a very Happy Thanksgiving Day.

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Facial Pain

For the past week or so my right side of my face has been tingling and shooting pain into my ear sporadically.  On Wednesday I saw a specialist in (ear nose and throat)  and he decided to send me for cat scan of the sinuses on Thursday.  Yesterday the results showed no infection but he did recommend that I see a neurologist on Monday morning as it could be neuralgia or TMJ.

In the interim I am on an antibiotic plus Advil for the pain.  I am hoping with my four hour  at the gift shop later on that my mood will improve with the many customers coming in to shop.  If anything it will be a distraction and that will be a good thing.

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