Power Class-Sight Words-Pin Cushion

Crazy title for a odd ball day that started with a ninety minute class of power yoga.  Each week,  I find I am able to add a pose to the very many that we do and I enjoy challenging myself.  My planks have definitely made my arms stronger and I truly believe the downward dogs are stretching me  to the point of believing that perhaps I have grown an inch or two.  I don’t believe that is possible but what I do know is that I am standing taller with an improved spine alignment.   It just happens to be one of the many perks of practicing Yoga.

With lots of energy and a clear mind I headed for the elementary school.  Once there I spent two hours working with the students on their list of sight words,  and the results were great.  Most of them have been practicing at home and it shows as they share their results.   They love to compete with each other and I feel it gives them an incentive to use their skills to their upmost.  I left for home with a great feeling of accomplishment to have some lunch and take a break before my appointment at 4.

It has been two weeks since my last acupuncture treatment and my breathing capacity has vastly improved along with my physical endurance and superior circulation.  Linda recommended some additional pins to be placed in other areas just to help continue my awesome progress.  Some of  new places were  my forehead, both cheeks of my face and the side of my nose.  These  positions were to help with the allergy season approaching and prevent sinus congestion.  I  had wished I had brought my camera as I think it would have made for a funny but frightful photo.  My next appointment will be two weeks from today and I look forward to some more good results.

That’s it for today and don’t forget to smile :).

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Making New Friends

This seems to be the happiest time of the year for Ms Millie as I turn the door knob to enter the classroom where I will be meeting 15-18 new friends.  I admit I do get a little nervous but once I see their adorable faces and inquisitive eyes I am excited and smile my biggest smile.  Julie introduces me to the first graders and then explains to me what they will be learning and where I can be of  help.   This class is composed of 6-7 year old children and they have just begun to write and learn about punctuation.

I feel honored to be involved once again at Marlowe Elementary.  It is like my second home and I feel so comfortable in this role.  When I think that it has been seven years since that wonderful day back in 2003.  That is when my friend Merrily asked if I would like volunteer for her at Marlowe.   There have been so many wonderful changes that it has made in my life.

The best part is that I have met and bonded with many, many children throughout these seven years.  Each child has made an imprint in my mind and many have touched my heart, too.  I am fortunate to have class pictures hanging on my wall right near my computer and I can always look back and remember each wonderful child.  The first students are now in middle school looking like young men and young ladies, that they are.

These children are our future ambassadors, educators, scientists, doctors or whatever they might choose.  And I am happy to know that I played a tiny part in their beginning years of education.

This will be another wonderful school year at Marlowe.  I just love making all these new little friends!

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End of Summer Blues

We are hoping next weekend will bring with it some cooler temperatures as most of feel  this has been one of the hottest summers on record.  The rain has come down in record downfalls which means minimal concerns about a drought this year,  and the lawns are sporting a hearty shade of green.

I feel  I am ready for a few  nice warm sunny days with cooler degrees at night.  Just the thought of no air conditioning and open windows allowing fresh air to enter my rooms is something I know I will enjoy.  It just seems to give me energy during the day and a coziness to sleep at night.    Who knows, Fall might be just around the corner!

Have a great weekend and enjoy whatever you are doing and don’t forget to chuckle a bit.  Ms Millie

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Three Years Later

Wow!  It has been three years since my first post on Ms Millie and Friends and yes,  I am surprised at me, myself!   Why. you might ask?  I am usually excited and have a go get-em attitude with a new class or hobby for awhile and then out of nowhere,  comes the feeling of boredom.  Then,  I start questioning myself as  to what else might there be for Ms Millie to try or do after I do my exercise and volunteer hours, that are my priority.

Before 2003,  I had worked full time for thirty years and raised a family but I did have a schedule to get every thing done and it was overwhelming as I recall.  And, I am pretty sure  I must have thought to myself , ” just wait till you are retired and you will have lots of time.”   Well for Ms Millie,  lots of time and not enough interesting things to do creates restlessness.   And so to my rescue,  came my wonderful son Darrin’s suggestion for this blog.   He did the homework and the framework and the rest has been up to me.  I can tell you that I have loved every moment and every word that I have written.

It has been a wonderful journey as I look back to where I was then to where I am at the present time.  When I think of all of the wonderful events and people that have made an impact on my life it has only inspired me to keep writing.

I want to thank you for your past readership and invite you to stay on this journey with me.   Sparkles will be smiling along with Ms Millie and Friends.

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Tormenta and Sam
Tormenta and Sam
Tormenta and Sam lounging in their Brooklyn, NY backyard, July 2010

My eyes filled with tears on Saturday when I learned of Tormenta’s demise.  She loved kids and was a wonderful loving dog to all the family and friends, and also a great playmate for Sam (the dog) and their two cats, Homer and Bonkers.  Tormenta belonged to my son Darrin’s wife, Maria, and was a huge part of their family.  Tormenta could fairly be credited with playing matchmaker of Maria and Darrin in the first place.  All together, they are a very close, loving, and happy family.  Tormenta will surely be missed.

The pain, sense of loss, and tears are overwhelming me today as I vividly recall my sad time when I lost my little Cairn Terrier, Bear, about ten years ago.  Unfortunately, I have never had the courage to do it again.   Recently though I have once again been tempted to adopt a dog from a local shelter.  These wonderful animals become a part of you and of your family.

It was early last year that they were told that Tormenta was on borrowed time with an inoperable tumor.  But fortunately she went well beyond the predicted date by months and always remained happy and active enough to eat, romp, and play.

I would like to believe that perhaps there is a “Doggie Heaven” and that on Saturday they decided they needed Tormenta to fill in a special spot.  Tormenta heard the call and left her loving home that will always remember her and her loving ways.  My utmost wish for right now is that the loss has not been too traumatic for the little ones and that Sam (the dog) is adjusting to life without Tormenta.  They were all so awesome and lovable together.

Here is a recent picture of the two of them together for you to see.  She, Tormenta, is in the foreground, smiling as it were, for the camera.

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