Abra Cadabra

I wish I had the powers of magic to wave the wand and say those “magical words” and perhaps then all this senseless killing would end.   We have lost three police officers in the past week and one injured.  Four children have lost their Dad and one unborn child will never know her Dad.  To grow up knowing your Father was killed in the line of duty holds a great deal of pride, but I can bet if they had a choice, it would be to have had their Dad in their lives.

Does anyone have the answer?  Are our prayers being heard?  Our children need their parents to guide and love them.

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Another Saturday Night

The only difference in this Saturday night is the glorious glow in the hot summer night sky lighting up the neighborhood.  The fool moon is breath taking as always,  and once again it reminds me of the famous song sung by Frank Sinatra entitled “Full Moon and Empty Arms”.

My arms might be empty but my heart is filled with love for my family and friends.   I hope you will enjoy the view on this wonderful summer night wherever you might be.

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A Face Remembered

I am the type of person that remembers birthdays of people that I have known in my business and personal life and for some,  I still send out greetings to them.  It is really easy for the ones that I  have Internet access and email addresses.  And for those  that I don’t  have current information, it seems just a glance at my perpetual calendar that has followed me all of these years from house to job and back again will trigger a memory and occasion.  Silently,  I wish them well,  wherever they might be.

Some of  my friends and family members are amazed at how I can just recite each ones date and age (for those who have told me honestly).  I realize that I love remembering others with fond thoughts.

As I gazed at my calendar this morning,  I recalled sadly that the guy that stole my heart fifty plus years ago passed in 2004.  We had had,  some great times back then dating, falling in love-getting married-having three sons and then one day- “poof  just like that,  it was over.”

Somehow, I never did forget his birthday July 2 or the date we wed Nov 13 and so I can’t forget the day he died.

After all, he was the guy that stole my heart before I knew what was happening.

And then,  it was too late!

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My Stick’em Mondays

This has become the day of the week that I visit Linda who so nicely places all her little pins (needles) in my select areas of collar-hands-feet-neck and even the outer portion of the ear.  ( I almost pinched myself to see if it was really me feeling this good, that maybe I was dreaming but it’s me).   The reason for this disbelief  goes back to my childhood where the teachings were (i.e.)  if you think you feel good ( don’t get carried away, you could give yourself  a bad eye and voila! just like that- you will  be sick)  And,  along that same path  of do-nots  were ” if you laugh too much- be aware that tears will soon follow- you will end up crying”.  Sadly I think I passed this concept onto my children and I know now how wrong this thinking has been and how I have cheated myself of not feeling, feelings.

So Ms Millie from now on  ( is going to announce to those who might be interested or listening in)  that when she feels good it is good and when it is funny or just plain silly, she will laugh and giggle like a school girl and just  enjoy the wonderful moments.   My goodness just think of all the endorphins being released!  I am looking forward to a great week.

How about you?

Daddy’s Little Girl

I will be missing my Dad just a little more tomorrow as we celebrate Father’s Day.  Even though it has been forty seven years since Daddy went straight up to heaven,  it still seems to be at times that a piece of him, a word or words remind me of how very special he was to me and how he guided and taught me the basics of  life.

Daddy had a way of getting his point across so that I would understand the message and be able to use it.  I have lost count of the times (both trying and gratifying)  that his wise words were right there with me to carry me forth with a smile and even  sometimes to help me to wipe away a tear or two.  We both loved the song from my graduation from High School “You’ll Never Walk Alone” and it so true of our love for each other.  I am never alone and will never forget my Dad.  I recall someone awhile back ( that had lost a loved one)  relate to me that in order to miss someone,  it had to mean they were pretty special and had a solid piece of your heart.  That no matter what happens you will never or ever-  want to  forget them.

My personal belief is do not shed a tear or regret over someone who was not there for you and could have been.  Just you be there for those you love in your life.  To my Daddy and all the other wonderful Dad’s in the world I wish you a wonderful, safe and Happy Fathers Day.  I miss you Daddy and love you so very much…

Your forever Daddy’s Little Girl.

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